ooh la la GiftYounique

For the first time ever, I was gifted with a gift box designed personally for me by two lovely ladies who I'd never met, let alone heard of before. And I have to say: the girls did good!

Tumblr tuesday shades of blue

Feeling the colour blue.

As my childhood favourite colour, I have to say this colour has proven to have some pretty classy shades that suit the home and decorations. Lately I have been thinking about this colour more than I usually do, and I couldn't quite pinpoint what exactly inspired me about it until I went to Home Sense. There I spotted a gorgeous blue and white china lamp.

Style No. 22

This abaya Ithnaan wa Aishroon [now available for preorder], hands down, has got to be one of my favourites! But unlike most, this one's got a story I'd like to share. So settle down folks, grab a cup of tea and do read on.

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