July with Halal Goodies

 July is a special month for me. It is one of the sunny months of the year, which is always a plus!
But it's also my birth month, which I'm reluctant to call a plus as I've started to count the years that have passed.

As I've grown older every year and my life has become busier, I have noticed that enjoying the simple pleasures in life is important. It's definitely given me a happier and more grateful outlook on life, allowing me to nurture my inner and outer self.

Halal Goodies sent me this extremely beautiful box at a perfect time! This month is my month. A month when I evaluate my life, straight after a very stressful time with work, it was a great way to pamper myself in a busy month.

Eid party

We Muslims are lucky. Why you ask?  We get to celebrate Eid twice a year!  YAY! Double the fun. Eid ul-Fitr marking the end of Ramadan and Eid ul Adha to remember Prophet Ibrahim & Hajj (and let's not forget the delicious lamb!) It is comforting to know that eating good food and enjoying your day with loved ones is the main itinerary of the day. However, growing older, I have become fond of celebrating Eid with style. This isn't to say that style was absent when I was a kid (Eid decorations were always present), but there are now various creative decorations that have seriously taken the whole Eid decorations to a new level.  

How to host a pamper party with Halal Goodies

Here is the situation, you and your girlfriends are stressed from work, kids, life. Too much to think about and too much to do. You want a day off for you and your girls to relax, no stress, kid free, work free zone, I can't add life free because there is no such thing hehe. Why not host a luxury pamper party with Halal Goodies, all in the comfort of your own home? Sounds Interesting right?

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