Gele Galore, raising awareness about sisterhood through charity

I bet you are wondering; what is this exotic sounding event? Well, you're not the only one! That was my first question too.  So I'll give you a little hint before I get started, it's all in the name; Gele. Still, haven't guessed what it is?

love hijab girl

Who won? Yes, that's right:  me. 
Do you remember the love hijab competition that I entered? You can find the post all about it here. But here's a quick recap -  the competition centred around creating an outfit post with a hijab from Love Hijab. The winner of the competition wins £50 worth of free hijabs! 
And little old me won this competition. So here's the big question: what hijabs did I choose? Well wonder no more, I present to you my Love Hijab, well, hijabs!

Reading No.2

Sisters magazine - the name sums it up; a magazine for sisters run by sisters. It's a beautiful magazine for sisters to gain knowledge and inspiration, all while connecting with other sisters.  Sisters magazine, originally a print magazine, is now a digital magazine available online worldwide. 
Undoubtedly, it's an amazing magazine with author Na'ima B Robert as founder and editor-in-chief. 

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