Fait Maison

Fait Maison

Flower window scapes are my weakness, charming window displays that pretty much lure you in the store or restaurant. Fait Maison has just that. This must-visit cafe is perfect for sweet tea or a halal brunch. But more than anything the Parisian feel of the restaurant is sure does make one feel like they are in a pastel dream.

Middle Path Soapery & discount code

Cleansing the body is not just about mindful eating but also mindful cleaning. What we clean our bodies with is just as important as what we consume. Enter  Middle Path Soapery, a holistic handcrafted cleansing soap brand that aims to cleanse our bodies but with the intent of keeping us mindful of the environment as well as social issues. Using ingredients that purify, nourish and keep us healthy. I just wish I knew of this brand before, it is exactly what I need in my life.
Oxford St, Lush spa

Lush Spa Tailor made review

A Spa day is always needed. Who can decline an opportunity to have someone pamper you and let go of all the tensions in your body? That is exactly what I needed! After constantly being hunched over a sewing machine, overworking and sleepless nights sewing has taken a toll over my body. Thus making me a walking complaining human that is repeatedly suffering from neck and back pains.

A friend of mine thought I much deserved a day off and relax in a spa and got me a lush voucher. Now I would be crazy to say no to that. I booked myself a tailor-made lush spa treatment at the Lush branch in Oxford-street.

The tailor-made treatment is inspired by a nautical daydream, with the intention to feel free in body and mind.

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