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The Bike and pleats. For those of you that don't know, I am one of the Co. founders of beautiful abaya label called Barakah London, YAY, my sister is the other Co.Founder, double YAY ,you can find her blog here. All of the abayas are handmade with special care, some are exclusive one offs. We design & sew all our abayas, the designs are distinctive and very chic.

This pleated number is by us. It is called Arba'Ah which means number 4 in Arabic. & yes we name our abayas after the Arabic numbers {I will tell the story on how that came to be on another post} *In Sha Allah. I remember designing Arba'Ah, I said to my sister *nab we need to make something with pleats, my hands are itching to sew pleats. The idea was to sew an abaya that is basic, the basic open abaya, but not too basic, if you know what I mean. If any of you have seen our previous collections you would know that we don't really do basic 100%, creativity sort of gets in the way, and we drape, sew, pleat, gather, lace until the abaya is no longer a basic abaya. Then we have to wonder if the sisters would actually wear the abaya, or if it is becoming a bit avant garde.

So for this collection are main aim was to keep it basic, with a little bit of details. The pleats were the detail for Arba'Ah, clean and structured, and chic. This is my day time abaya, whether I am running errands or meeting clients for fittings or if I am chilling, basically for everything. 

*Arba'Ah is an open abaya so for that reason it styled with a plain black abaya if you are wondering what the extra fabric is.

You can buy this abaya, or any of our other designs here

Finally the big question is can you ride a bike whilst rocking an abaya?


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