DIY twisted headband

It is rare not to have left over fabric from sewing. And I like to find little projects to use up the fabric, instead of throwing it away. So I made these cute twisted headbands. It was super easy and quick to make. Anyone can wear it from a child to an adult. You will only need a little bit of jersey fabric, so if you don't have any laying at home, you can use an old T-shirt.

  • Jersey fabric
  • Scissors
  • chalk
  • tape measure
  • sewing machine
*quick tip If you are measuring for a child the length of the head band would be around 16"+, and for an adult 20"+ *my head band is 23"

1Cut your fabric into two long rectangle pieces. The length of the fabric should be your head length, and the width will be 5".
2Fold your two rectangle pieces in half.
3Zigzag the top of the rectangles. The zigzag will allow the fabric to stretch.
4Turn your fabric inside out.
5Lay your fabric pieces on top of each other, in the shape of a cross. One will be laid on the horizontal, the other on the vertical
6Fold the horizontal fabric over, until it is an equal half. Then fold the vertical fabric over until it is an equal half.
7Pull  fabrics on both sides apart.
8Gather all the four ends together
9Sew the ends toegther, with your sewing machine. This time you will use a straight stitch.

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