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My favouite March makeup purchases. 
Bags, I've always had under eye bags. Sometimes I like to call them designer bags, pure leather, to make myself feel good of course, because no one in their right mind likes under eye bags. I have always struggled with covering them, my list of concealers I have used that have failed to the job is endless. I don't likes to waste money on something that doesn't work. But I must say, I love this Nars radiant creamy concealer.

I bought it on a whim, I had some money left on a gift card that was given to me.  I won't actually spend that much money on a concealer unless I actually knew it works well *£22 for those wondering. The shade I selected for myself was also a on a whim, I skimmed through other makeup blogs that I thought had similar skin shade as me, and looked at the shades they bought. *I've done this quite a few times when buying makeup. Then I bought the concealer online. 
All I have to say is Alhamdulillah, the shade is perfect *if you are wondering what shade, it is Custard, and I love the concealer. Like I said, I have used many before, from Mac, Benefit, La girl, Collection 2000, Vasanti, but hands down the Nars concealer is my favourite.
But I would never ever wear this concealer by itself. I have serious 100% designer under eye bags, that a simple concealer will never cover by itself. I always apply an orange correcter before to correct, then I apply the Nars concealer.

My favourite correcter by far is Vasanti wonders of the world correcter and concealer, the palette comes with both. For me the concealer works well but the down side is that is a bit drying, and I only use it when I can't find my other concealers. But the correcter, is amazing and is the only correcter I trust on my face. I remember before I found this correcter, my sister and I went on a trip to Selfridges to try and find a correcter and have it tested on our skin. So we decided to check out the Bobbie Brown stall, 
A. Because we heard excellent reviews about the Bobbie Brown correcter 
B. My other sister, was using the Bobbie Brown skin care  
C. I like their packaging, 
*is C a good enough reason to want to buy something?
The Bobbie Brown assistant tried to sell us their correcter *bad idea. Ashy, creased so much, sticky. She then applied the  concealer over the correcter,  we were not impressed, and quickly left  feeling disappointed.

The lipliner, oh my I adore, the colour is gorgeous. I have an obession for nude shade lipsticks, and lip liners. Even if I buy other shades, I always go back to my nudes. This lipliner is from New Look, also bought on a whim, the shade is mink. Texture soft and buttery, perfect shade.

So there you go, my two favourite  March makeup purchases, have you tried any of these products. what are your thought?

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