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The niqab is a garment most of us sisters wear. Even though I don't wear a niqab, I have for years collected a selection of niqabs that I have worn when time permits it.
For those of you who are, or want to start wearing one. I have come up with a simple DIY niqab.
With only ten steps, anyone can do it. You won't  need to buy fabric it is that simple.
But you may need to buy elastic if you don't have any at home. You will be using the hijab fabric that usually comes when you buy an abaya.  You can spare one plain one, I am sure it won't be missed.


  • Plain hijab
  • Elastic
  • Pins
  • Chalk
  • Tape measure 
  • Black thread
  • Sewing machine

1 Fold the hijab in half, pin it in place. The fold will  be the bottom of your niqab, this will allow your niqab to have a neat fold without a seam.
Using your tape measureand chalk , mark out the outline of your rectangle,  Mine is 25cm width and 29cm length. Don't forget to add 1cm seam allowance around 3 sides of your rectangle.
3 Pin inside your chalk marks.
 Cut  the fabric following your chalk marks.
Measure your elastic, it should between 23/25cm length, for the average head size. My elastic is 23cm. Add 1m seam allowance on each end of the elastic. My elastic is 23cm but with the seam allowances of both ends the new measurement will be 25cm.
Now cut your elastic.
Pin your elastic to top right and left corner inside the rectangle niqab fabric.

Sew your niqab on 3 sides and leave 5cm of fabric unsewn on one side.

Turn your niqab inside out using the unsewn section.
10 Iron your fabric, and sew the the 5cm section that was left unsewn.  If you are good at hand stitching you can hand sew this section, and the stitches will not show. However machine sewing is good enough.

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  1. Assalamu Alaykum sister. Can you do a diy of a different style as well? Jazak Allahu Khairan.


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