Marrakesh, Morocco

Camel riding + a baby camel

"The baby camel and I were the same height"
Camel riding was one of my favourite activities in Marrakech; it was also one of the activities I booked whilst still in London. I found a website through Trip Adviser. The reviews were fantastic and the price even better. The website was Viator {link is at the end of the page}. Best part, they had other activities too, so I also booked quad bike rides and decided that I will book other activities once I got to Marrakech, which I, unfortunately, didn't get to do as our days were very packed.

So how was our day? Well, first we were picked up from the hotel in a van, then taken to the destination. We met the owner and our guides; we had two guides in our group, then were shown the lovely camels we were about to ride. I was the first to get on a camel, mine was male {can't remember his name}, and he was right at the end. I am a tiny 4 feet 11" so getting on the camel was a little tricky and was assisted by the guides. I basically pulled myself on the camel while using the guides thigh as a stepping stone whilst he knelt in front of me, a sight that very much so amused my brother who easily glided onto his camel in front of me. His by the way as a female camel.
The first step done, second was probably the scariest part of camel riding - the standing up. Our camels were obviously seated when we got on. But when they get up they stand with their back legs first, and then the front legs. Oh boy, did I get scared! What made it worse was that I was holding a selfie stick and recording, so I now have it on my phone, I can never forget the experience. After saying all this, I must tell you that the second time around that I got on the camel I didn't have these problems. By then I was quite adapt to the camel and very comfortable. Now I did use a selfie stick most of the ride, which made it a bit hard to ride, but after a little, while it becomes so easy. The ride was relaxing and my brother and I spent most of the time talking to our guides trying to learn some Moroccan Arabic, whilst trying to lure the baby camel to ride next to us. I do remember the baby camel's name though; Shakira. It's funny how I remember the baby camel's name and not the other camels.
One of our tour guides made us a palm leaf weaved camel. Only three people in the whole group got one; both my brother and I received one. YES!

Halfway through the ride we were taken to a Berber house and were served Moroccan pancakes with honey, and mint tea also known as Moroccan whiskey. We were seated outside under a bamboo canopy with pillows as seats. The mood was relaxing, and it was much needed as it gave us a chance to get to know the other tourists in our group.
We then got back on our camels, ready to ride back to our camp. This time around getting on and riding the camel was easier. The whole experience was priceless. I really enjoyed it.
The next day we came back for our quad bike riding, which was something else entirely. The experience was funny, less relaxing than the camel ride, but still worth it.

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