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Freebie Eid decorations inspiration

Wow, Subhan'Allah Ramadan year 1437/2016  is nearly over. You know what that means EID yay. 
Even  though I love Ramadan, and I can't wait for it every year. Eid excites me just as much and I get giddy like a little child. Maybe it's the all the sweet food I consume on the day. Or it could be because of the celebration of being able to complete Ramadan and In Sha Allah carry on my days with the fresh new outlook on life that I acquired during the holy month. Whatever it is, I like to celebrate with style.

For my family, Eid is always about family time, and the whole family make sure that we meet and that includes all the little ones, so for that reason, I believe that decorations are important. I don't live in a Muslim country where Eid is a festival that does not only reside in the homes, but the whole streets come to life with ornaments. It is significant for our younger generations to have that sense of enjoyment.
I went on to Pinterest *every girl's best friend, to look for quick easy decorations and inspiration.
And boy was I inspired. The Eid decoration the sisters are making have really progressed , and look very chic. I had so many styles to choose from. The best part, I found new sister blogs to follow awesome.

I decided to start my decorations early this year, little by little so that by Eid it will be done. I know this year will definitely be creative.
Now here is my list of the  simplest, stylish Eid decorations for both adults and kids, & what's unbelievable is that they are all free. There are links to each blog under each picture. My selection of the free Eid printables is modern, traditional and girly styles. Whichever household you live in you are sure to find something you like.
Also, make sure to have a look at my Pinterest  here to see other Eid ideas such as food and how to decorate.
Finally, since we are keeping everything in this post free, I have added my selection of my favourite DIY posts on wall garlands from tassels to fringe to pom poms.
Enjoy making, and please comment on how you will be decorations this year. 

Modern looking decorations, gift tags, paper lanterns and bunting flags
 You can download from this blog here  & here & here
I love the colours and typo of this tags, each one can be used for kids & adults.

I love these traditional mint green & gold dessert table
as well as Eid gift box, and gift tags and money pouches
The printables also can be downloaded here & here

These decorations are for those girly shabby chic sisters.
& is a must in your home if you have little girl.
The banner printable can be downloaded here
The sweetest Eid garland and cake toppers and gift tags
all can be downloaded here & here

The prettiest mint and silver tassel garland
The DIY can found here

Loving these huge fringe garlands
DIY can be found here

And finally every girl favourite tissue paper pom poms
DIY can be found here


  1. Love this! it's giving me some great ideas for EID!

    1. Great, Can't wait to see what decorations you will be doing this Eid x

  2. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Love this post!!! The little jars are so sweet. I cannot wait until Eid.

    DEFFO thinking about what I should do for mine

    1. I would love to see what you will do for yours x

  3. Find out contents based on what you are offers, but it's updated one! Cheers!


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