5 tips to eat cheap while traveling

How can eat cheap whilst traveling? Most of you probably know that whilst traveling food consumes most the time {busy looking for places to eat} and money as you want to try out different foods and end up spending lots on money on snacks and main meals. I've have compiled neat tricks to save money on spending too much on food.

Here is my 5 tips:

  1. Visit family.  I've noticed when I travel and I have a family member or friend at the city/country visiting them is always a must. Of course I enjoy myself with the reunion and catch up, but also the idea of a home made meal is inviting.
  2. Eat where the locals eat, instead upscale restaurants this makes trip more memorable and usually costs less.
  3. Take snacks with you before you travel. I do this all the time. I especially like the snacks that come in small packs so I can just pop one in my hand bag before I leave the hotel.
  4. Shop at the supermarkets, Something else I love to do. I absolutely love to spend hours at the supermarkets in different countries. The types of food they sell always fascinates me as most the time it is completely different to what I am used to back at home. So what I usually do is drop at the local big supermarket and buy some essentials that I will sneak into the hotel room and keep in my fridge. This usually consists of mineral water, buying this in bulk is much cheaper than buying it every single time you go out. Juice drinks in small travel friendly sizes, also best to buy bulk, chocolate and sweets as well other stuff I might find interesting to try. And finally I will usually buy bread buns and cheese, *maybe turkey if its halal. I do this so I can eat it as a late night dinner or breakfast.
  5.  Budget before you leave. The one thing that is the most hassle but needs to be done. Make budget find out how much food would cost at your selected travel destination and estimate how much you should be spending. This will allow you to not over spend on food.

So there you have my 5 tips. Do you have your own tips.


  1. I like the idea of travelling where you know you have family and the shopping in supermarkets whilst your out there. And atleast if you eat where locals go it's cheaper and you know it's authentic!!

    1. Yes very true. I love travelling where you know you have family, it makes the whole process simple and cheaper ;). Shopping in super markets is a must, I love to see what they sell.


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