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Have you ever had those weeks where you are so busy, that you can't even think properly & your thoughts are jumbled? Having a notebook to jot down ideas is ideal in that situation. I found a cute notebook to sum up those kind of weeks. Scribbling down feeling, notes, ideas & quick thoughts that I don't want to forget. The cover of the book is pastel pink, gold embossed lettering, very chic so my style I couldn't resist. 
To be honest at the time of purchasing I didn't actually know what I was going to write in the notebook, but who needs a reason to buy a notebook? What I found is that the reason arises by itself. Like it did for me, with my busy schedule and thoughts in chaos mode. I also bought myself day dreaming pencils, for those days when I am feeling completely opposite to being busy. Mostly I will use the pencils for sketching new abaya designs, day dreaming about how they will look. Talking about day dreaming, I have plenty of diy projects I am planning to make. Some of you may know that I used to own a blog named shewasvain. My old blog contained mostly abaya diys. But for this blog I wanted to expand. Diys about clothes + homewara and interiors as well other bits and bobs. The reason I chose to expand is because I am treating this blog as a journal, what I am interested in, my projects and everything else in between. I hope that you guys enjoy the content and be prepared for the next diy.


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