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Style: Ithnan no. 2

Ithnan is the quite one in our abayas. The soft subtle one, with the neutral hand sewn navy blue applique lace. But for some reason it always grabs our clients attention when worn. Time and time again it never fails to get ohhh and ahhh when we have fittings, everyone loves it.
My sister and I have set it down to the shape of the Ithnan that makes everyone attached to the abaya. Its a classic shape, wide at the top and slims down at the hem. Flawless for every body shape, whether slim figured or larger framed, Ithnan suits all. We have sewn adaptions of Ithnan with different colour applique, to closed version of the abaya. But none can subdue my love for Ithnan.
You can find more pictures of the Ithnan here

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