Tumblr Tuesday

Tumblr Tuesday. What is tumblr tuesday? You may ask. I choose pictures that I am currently loving from my tumblr, and post it onto my blog, so that I can inspire you guys. If you like what you see hopefully it will motivate you to check out my tumblr.

I currently own two tumblrs. I use both of them as online mood boards. Both are completely different to each other, what they do have in common is my love for pretty pictures whether it is decor to style to inspiring quotes that motivate. My original tumblr garden of souls which I will posting from today, is the definition of everything whimsical, chic, and couture. My idea for this tumblr was to keep and collect all images that impire me online. After I few years, I wanted a tumblr that motivates me, then I made my *Muslimah tumblr, the dressing up box. My intentions with this tumblr was to feel more connected with my deen and interact with other Muslimahs as well. Honestly the dressing up box, is my favourite tumblr, I spend more time on it more than garden of souls. That being said I don't think I will ever get rid of garden of souls it feels like my baby, I always return to it whenever I need some inspiration. So here is my selection of images for this week. I hope you enjoy click  garden of souls to see more

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