Diy off the shoulder shirt

I have been crushing on these off the shoulder shirts & dresses that are in style this year. The look is so feminine. As I had the shirt at home, I thought why not make one for myself, and teach you guys how to make one as well. I love the preppy look of this Gap shirt and wanted to give it a girly edge, the elastic off the shoulder does exactly that.

As a female Muslim I can't wear this style shirt outside, let us be honest it is not modest, but that doesn't stop us Muslims from wearing it inside our homes, or when we have girly gatherings.  You don't have to use a shirt, you can actually do this DIY with a dress or any other top. This DIY is so simple and very easy to sew that you would probably go crazy and start sewing all your spare shirts and dresses for the off the shoulder look.
  • shirt
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • elastic
  • sewing machine

1: Lay the shirt flat, using a chalk to draw a straight line across the front of the shirt.
2: Cut the line you just drew.
3: Cut your elastic to the size you need. I cut mine at 70cm, I have small shoulders, so the average person should be around 80cm-90cm. Sew the ends of your elastic together.
4: Double fold where you just cut off the fabric, place your elastic in between and sew. As you sew you will have to pull your elastic so that it stretches with your fabric. The length of the elastic is smaller than the width of your fabric, so the elastic is stretched to fit in the fabric.


  1. I love quick and easy DIY's and this sure was one of them. I love this trend of off-shoulder shirts, but i don't think i would ever bring myself to wear one hehe <3

    Rabiah x

    1. Awww, you never know you might love it. This has grown to become one of my favourite at home shirts. Everyone I have told is a DIY can't believe it, they love it. xx


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