The Prive Experience Goodie bag

Who doesn't love a freebie? Nobody that's who! I love me some freebie goodies, and that's what I received when I attended The Prive Experience, Horse riding lesson and afternoon tea. I didn't expect to get one, so it was a lovely surprise. All of the companies promoted in the goodie bag I have never heard of, but I am glad to have been introduced to them. They are pretty awesome.
Empress Ave, London

The Prive Experinece + Horse riding a forgotten Sunnah?

I never thought I'd ever be able to ride a horse in London. Why? Simply because I didn't think it would be possible in a modest way. I know, I know - I am thinking like an abaya wearer and limiting myself. But it is the truth. How can I ride a horse and dress and be, well, modest? Wouldn't it be strange as an abaya wearing Muslimah to rock up to the stables? Wouldn't I be looked down upon? And God forbid the instructor is of the male species. Even though horse riding is a sunnah and something I desperately wanted to learn, I let it slide out of my thoughts, and stayed in my city girl lane, which is basically "I don't need to learn, as I probably won't ever need to ride a horse in the city."
Well, that is until I found The Prive Experience.

Reading No.1

Currently re-reading an old book that I own and read before. My sister uses it to decorate her shelves at her apartment, as you can see my lovely nephew has gotten his pretty little hands on it and given the book a big scar on the outer bookbinding. It gives the book a nice pre-loved feel. I have read the book before and wanted to use it as a light read. Once I spotted it on my sister's shelf I picked it up and was like right I am taking you home.

Dreaming about pajamas

Who doesn't love a great pajama set?  Winter is well on its way, which means the perfect excuse to wear snug pajamas indoors most of the day. Not to mention that they are very in style this year not just for wearing at home, but also going out.  I really need to throw away my odd mismatched pj's and replace them with a cute set that will make me feel extra pretty. I have decided to sew my own PJs this time.

Meal planning & why it's a must

Who else loves planning their meals. It is the new thing I have started, and I currently love it. It's easy and gives me one less thing to worry about, especially when I am busy. I enjoy eating a tasty meal. So planning ahead gives me no excuses to eat boring food. Interested? Let me start from the beginning, when did I start?

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