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Currently re-reading an old book that I own and read before. My sister uses it to decorate her shelves at her apartment, as you can see my lovely nephew has gotten his pretty little hands on it and given the book a big scar on the outer bookbinding. It gives the book a nice pre-loved feel. I have read the book before and wanted to use it as a light read. Once I spotted it on my sister's shelf I picked it up and was like right I am taking you home.

I first read this book when my sister and I were  setting up Barakah London, it was a great insight.  As our full-time jobs, we were both working in the fashion industry, so Barakah London started off as the part-time job. Our first collection was designed by us but sewn by tailors based in Dubai, which did not go according to plan. We ended up changing our original designs and re-sewing the abayas. Like every start off business, we had our mistakes it was a learning curve for us. We then decided that it may be best for us to sew our designs instead of someone else sewing them for us. Spending the next few months sourcing suppliers, working out how we were going to fit sewing into our daily lives and figuring out what route was best for us . 

The book was a great help, even now I do like to casually go back to it for reference purposes. It is a great book for those who want to start their own fashion label. It gives you an awareness of what goes on behind the glitz of the fashion industry. For my sister and I, it was especially helpful as the book gives information on all types of fashion labels details of what they entail and pros and cons of each one. 


  1. This sounds like it would be an interesting read! Love it :)

  2. This book sounds really great and definitely seems like something I'd want to read since I would like to create my own label one day.


    1. Yes it will be great if you can read it, you will love it. Honestly I can not praise it enough x


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