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Who doesn't love a freebie? Nobody that's who! I love me some freebie goodies, and that's what I received when I attended The Prive Experience, Horse riding lesson and afternoon tea. I didn't expect to get one, so it was a lovely surprise. All of the companies promoted in the goodie bag I have never heard of, but I am glad to have been introduced to them. They are pretty awesome.

When I opened my bag, the first thing I noticed was the scent, it was beautiful. A great way to mask the horse scent that I had just been playing around in.
It was the Nour Oud candle melts. These candle melts smell super strong and the scents are beautiful, just like oud. The candle melt I received  is called Starry night, suits my blog name, perfect. My sister who attended the event with me received Qindeel, which smells just like an attar I bought from Dubai. It is my Mums favourite attar scent, so got an approval from my mum.

The second thing I noticed was the chocolate favours printed with  The Prive Experience label, contact details and Jazak'Allah Khair written on them. There was so much attention to detail at the event this just topped it off in such a cute way. I am sure you want to know what my flavour was, it was mint chocolate, yum! The chocolate favours were by Indulge with Lancsco.

The last but definitely not least goodie from the goody bag is Vertue box. Vertue box is the UK's first green healthy & beauty subscription box. So cool. I have started getting into the organic body/beauty products, so this was perfect for me, as I can test out products and see how they work. I was introduced to products that I wouldn't even have known how to find. I adored that they had some actual size products in there, not just samples.

So what did I get? Three soaps by Bloomtown, what can I say these soaps smell so natural. Pretty packaging, plus the ingredients are pictured. Didn't know that some of them looked that, ahem ahem caster oil, I am talking about you. The soap I can't wait to try is the black clay and tea tree, because it is the clearing, and I have acne prone skin. The black packaging is a plus, I love the colour black.

Odylique Ultra Rich Balm for intense hydration. this balm sounds promising for my scalp, apply it the ends of my hair and extra dry parts of the body, knees and elbows.

Balance me, collagen boost, restore and replenish face cream. To be totally honest at first I wasn't quite sure if I could use this cream. But after some quick research on their website, I saw a review from an 18-25-year-old. What she claimed it did for her is everything I want, plumps and evens skin and less congestion, sign me up! 

Alkaline Infusion, I have never tried something like this. I like my green juices but I like this as it is not just for green juices but can be added into water. This beauty supplement encourages healthy and vibrant skin from within.

Can't wait to try the  Green People, quinoa and avocado hair serum for volumised hair. It is all so a leave in conditioner. The beauty boost skin restore, by Green People, is also in my can't wait to try list. At home facial, yes, please.

Finally the So Eco brush. Super soft and cruelty-free, made from recycled and sustainable material. 

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