Style: Number 14

My love for pockets is never ending, and now I will add a mandarin collar to that love. How fancy are these details on an abaya? Very. But even better when they have a purpose. Designing this abaya my sister and I wanted to the abaya to be functional  as well as stylish.

أربعة عشر (Arba't Ashar) number 14  is the name of this abaya. It is in Arabic. We have carried on with the Arabic numbers our abayas are named after. It is good for my sister and me as we get to learn the Arabic numbers, but useful for our client's as it will allow the ones that don't know the language to learn with us.

Arba't Ashar was designed for function. The hidden pockets, to hide little bits and bobs, such as your phone, bank card or even keys. Keeping valuables close is always important, especially when you are in a rush and don't want to forget anything.

The mandarin collar for style and modesty. Does anyone else hate when your hijab doesn't have your back covered, and keeps moving and opening around the neck?  Trust me when I tell you that this abaya has you back covered, as well as your neck, so you won't comprise your modesty to look stylish. You can either tuck your hijab in the collar, so you can see the pretty pearls and crystals. Or cover the detail by placing your hijab over the collar. either way, it will look fabulous.

The pearl surrounded by crystals detail is simple but beautifully elegant. Contrasting with the modern cut of the abaya. Handsewn on the collar and beside each pocket, highlighting these details. All in all, a beautifully cut abaya with function style and class.

You can buy this abaya from Barakah London here


  1. perfect!
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  2. That is what i look for with clothes - It shouldnt compromise modesty, stylish and very functional. Great work guys. Allahumma Barik ��

  3. Wow that seems really cool, I love pockets in this looks really nice. Will be looking into the website and seeing if they have "short enough for me.

  4. I'm working towards abayas for my daily wear, even if the husband doesn't really think I have to go down that road. For him the meaning of Hijab doesn't have to be complicated in terms of compromising fashion. You really just need to wear something that you could actually pray with... Doesn't mean that you don't have to wear the usual prayer dress over it, it just has to create a no-guilt feeling if you do have to pray with it. I'm really taking note of these abaya styles though, since we only have the typical ones around here. I wanna customize my own with various colours.

  5. Yess such a beautiful abaya this one. simple but yet still so stylish and functional!

  6. Arba't's cool like that! And a fun way of learning Arabic too.

    The details are something else, lovely and addis pure elegance to the abaya. Who doesn't like pockets? It's always good to have them.

    Well done/ your Styles are creative Masha Allah.

  7. We don't get these type of abayas in India...i love the fabric and dark color of this...i always look out for pockets it is easy to carry stuff around.
    .good review..

  8. The abaya looks pretty and I love the style. Good job!

  9. It's so beautiful! And looks really good on you sis, MashaAllah :) Love the idea of hidden pockets!

  10. I love pockets too. It's cool when we get to keep our hand in it, and especially in Abayas. Love the stone n pearl details. Mashaallah, pretty :)


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