Let them eat cake

Getting girls together is a truly fun experience, but when the girls know how to bake, well then it is on another level it is officially a bake-off, {just kidding} well maybe not!
The girls and I all came together to my sister's apartment a few weeks ago. To catch up, chill and of course, eat. We love tea and sweet food, so any excuse for our tea time is a must. Especially since we don't get to see each other a lot, it is a great way to get sisters together to benefit one another and enjoy the beautiful company.

So what was on the agenda, eat, eat umm and more eating. What we didn't expect was a load of sweet food we would be consuming. Yes, my sister and I knew we would be inviting food bloggers, but to taste their lovely baking that was a nice treat. As soon as they came with the treats, we all thought picture time! And set the table for pictures while we still had good lighting. What we ended up doing is consuming the tasty deserts before everyone came. One; because we can and two because it looked so good.

Head over to my sister's blog Step Inside my Handbag link below, on her super fabulous  10 tips on "how to host a tea party?" a must read if you want to know what to do to host a similar get-together and make it as easy as possible for yourself and your guests.

My sister and I wanted to present to the girls our baking, but because we didn't have time, instead we introduced our sister's baking. She baked for us a three-layered red velvet cake with salted caramel filling. White fondant icing topped with macaroons and fondant roses, so pretty and absolutely scrumptious.

As for our blogger girls, it is none other than the Halal Heat In The Kitchen sisters. Link to their blog & recipes for their deserts below. They made the mouthwatering raspberry almond sponge with a coating of icing sugar. And rich chocolate and raspberry brownies. Honestly just thinking about them makes me hungry. They also presented us with the delightful vanilla cupcakes with chocolate dipped strawberries as a crown. My sister's son was obsessed with this topping, he would pass his chubby little fingers across from the table just so he can pick the strawberries off the top and eat it. There were only a few cupcakes left with a strawberry topping, as he would get his hands on them before all the girls arrived.   

Now I am sure you are wondering who's sweet treat tasted the best? I loved them all, but there was something about the raspberry almond sponge that I kept returning to cut slices for myself, even more delicious because it was served with clotted cream. 

My sister blogged about how to have the perfect tea party, find it here
The Halal Heat in the Kitchen sisters have the recipes on their blog find it here

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