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It's that day of the week again, Tumblr Tuesday yay! Where I post my favourite images from my Tumblr account and inspire you guys. I treat my Tumblr as a mood board and post anything that inspires me from furniture to fashion to just a quote, these inspirations I would use or save them so that I can go back to them on in the future, especially for a new collection or for the home interior.

Currently, I am in the development of redecorating my home & designing the new collection for Barakah London. Both of these seem to simultaneously blend when it comes to inspiration. The colour palates of both are gearing towards neutrals and pearly whites.My mood board for my home is what inspired this week's Tumblr Tuesday.
Decorating my home is taking a while. I have the main features finished now, such as carpets and painting the walls and most of the large pieces of furniture. I believe things like this take time. When decorating a home you have an idea of what you want, but change your style after you grow. For that reason, I want to find the right pieces that fit the home, and at good prices too. I love a good bargain hunt.

One thing I am sure of is that the colour palate which is neutrals. I love the soft creams & whites. The large furniture, walls and carpets are all in these colour, and the accent colours of pastels & pinks will be the pop of colours surrounding the room with the accessories. Accessories really do bring a room to life. I have chosen to keep the larger furniture neutral as it will be a soft clean look and it is timeless. So even after many years, I will only have to replace the accessories if I want to change the appearance. As for flowers, I love white or pink flowers as they bring a sense of serenity to the room.

Right now, I am keeping everything basic and clean, but most of all comfortable. Comfort is the key to my mood board and tranquil. The colours of this mood board reflect that theme.

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