July with Halal Goodies

July is a special month for me. It is one of the sunny months of the year, which is always a plus!
But it's also my birth month, which I'm reluctant to call a plus as I've started to count the years that have passed.

As I've grown older my life has become busier, I have noticed that enjoying the simple pleasures in life is important. It's definitely given me a happier and more grateful outlook, allowing me to nurture my inner and outer self.

Halal Goodies sent me this extremely beautiful box at a perfect time! This month is my month. A month when I evaluate my life, straight after a very stressful time with work, it was a great way to pamper myself in a busy month.

Everything in the box is simple but carefully selected for that perfect self-love at home. So what's inside the box?

A full size "Persian Chai" Botanical Artisan Soy Candle. Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE candles. I'd have candles all around my house with candles if I could! But even though I am candle lover, I am a picky candle lover. I am infamous for being picky with scents. Why?
Due to allergies, certain scents trigger my hay fever. Other times I don't like my home to smell like (ahem) food scented candles [pineapple, lemon, strawberry, coconut, and oh! Let's not forget vanilla!] But this Persian chai is the BEST! I just love it! I adore musk,  but the scent of Jasmine and Rose, as well as Violet, gives it the right amount of floral scent without it being too overpowering. As I write this blog post, I've lighted the candle to keep me calm. (Brand- Shifa Aromas)

Full size "rosy glow heart" Artisan soap. This is probably my favourite of the whole box! It's just so gorgeous with all the dried roses adorned on the top. It would definitely make a perfect gift. And it smells absolutely delicious - like Turkish delight. YUM! (Brand- Quintessentially English)

Full size "English Rose" Face Mask. This face mask has such a lovely, refreshing rose scent. Perfect after a long day, or even the used at the beginning of a long day. Handmade in England. (Brand- Quintessentially English)

4  Sample size alcohol-free natural rose scented perfume. It's super easy to apply to the neck and wrist, and you smell like you just walked out of a rose bush (without actually doing it). I also love that it is alcohol-free! (Brand- Natural Wisdom)

This July subscription box is perfect as a gift or just for yourself and welcomes summer with the lovely scent of roses! As always ALL of the Halal Goodies products are natural/organic and Halal. So you can shop safely for your skin and well-being.

You can pre-order your own box here,
Get it while you can because pre-orders end on the 20th of July.
PS. Halal Goodies ship worldwide! How awesome is that?


  1. This candles looks awesome <3 i love candles :)

    1. They really are awesome and smell amazing


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