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London halal food festival

Halal and Food are what all Muslims love to hear.  We do love our food! This year I had the pleasure of going to the London Halal Food Festival with my sister, which was pretty awesome. We hardly get to go to many cool places in London together even though we work together! This was our day off, and I'd say we spent it well, doing what we love best: eating!

It was a great opportunity to meet some lovely sisters too. We bumped into Ayesha @ My Big Fat halal Blog on the way to the Festival and coincidentally found her on the way back. You can read her blog post here -  it is the BEST! We also had the pleasure of meeting quite a few hijabi/lifestyle bloggers.

But the food for us was what stood out the most. On our way in, we made to sure to make a mental note of every stall that interested us. I have to say the variety was great, catering to different tastes. Foodies like my sister and I couldn't find fault with the assortment the Festival had lined up as it gave guests the chance to try and test out what suited their tastes.

The Festival had live shows prepared for us to watch, which we used as break times, giving us a good time to digest food and enjoy some engaging entertainment. We got to watch the [halalvloggers] Man Versus Food style show. Contestants had to eat hot chicken nuggets in 30 seconds! Sounds easy enough, until we got to try those cheeky little nuggets, and trust me - I could barely have one without choking. It was seriously hot!

It was nice to see the stalls were quite ranged; there were a few lifestyle, book and fashion related stalls too.  But the most important thing, of course, was the food! What did we eat?

My favourite was the grey coloured hazelnut ice cream, sprayed with gold on one side and topped with toffee popcorn. Surrounded by a cloud of candy floss, this was the sweetest of sweet treats and looked beautiful. The queue was the longest we had to wait for food, but it did not disappoint. My sister and I shared one,  and it was definitely enough to fill us. I'm still craving it until this day....

Fried potatoes on a stick. This looked as amazing as it tasted, but was quite messy to eat. We bought the special flavour, which was a mixture of piri piri, chilli etc, and a few others but my memory fails me here. 
Hot dog is always a good idea! We tried to keep it close to the classic taste with fried onion, mustard and ketchup.
 BBQ sausage sandwich + mint lemon mojito and kiwi mojito. It was a delicious meaty meal and my first time trying kiwi mojito - I was surprised by how sweet it was! 


  1. Wow that looks like it all tasted so yummy thanks for sharing your experience

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! So much yummy food too :)


  3. Wow that food looks amazing. Particularly the ice cream. My kids would love that! I hope I can go next year. #muslimahbloggers

  4. OMG....wish we have a similar festival like this here in my place. Hope you had lots of looks yum....

  5. Ahh lovedd going. All the food tasted amazing especially the ice cream!

  6. Sounds lovely.I think all Muslims love to hear about halal food festival.Ice cream looks great.

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