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This abaya Ithnaan wa Aishroon [now available for preorder], hands down, has got to be one of my favourites! But unlike most, this one's got a story I'd like to share. So settle down folks, grab a cup of tea and do read on.

We designed this abaya around the time of the FFIR's 'Tea Party for Syria', a charity event in August raising money for hospital equipment in Syria in support of One Nation. Alhamdulillah, the team managed to raise more than £18k that afternoon [will dedicate a post to the event soon; the much-awaited behind the scenes, my inspiration for decorations etc]. I'm really excited to share this with you all! But let's get onto this sparkling abaya that caught the attention of all the ladies on the day of the event first!

I'm well-known by friends for my love of a good cup of tea and good company [as evidenced by my numerous posts dedicated to, well, friends and tea]. I'm quite sure that my blood type is tea positive, and this is not an understatement. Enough about me though! I simply love that a good cuppa brings loved ones together.

So what was our inspiration?

FFIR's charity event had a vintage theme; vintage teacups, saucers, plates and all. We designed this abaya with the ladies attending this tea party in mind; the kind of abaya you can look effortlessly stylish and classy in,  the kind that will make you stand out at an afternoon party - crystal details were, therefore, a must for that fancy, elegant touch. And of course, we couldn't forget the practical details e.g. shortened sleeves to ensure the abaya won't get in the way when you're devouring delicious cupcakes and desserts [expect photos of these in the charity post!]

And the ladies on the day absolutely LOVED it. We wonder why?

You can pre-order this gorgeous abaya here


  1. Love this! I adore those sleeves!!!!!

  2. This is such a chic Abaya and the plus point is sleeve won't get in the way of tea . This can only come from a an expert teaholic like me . 😂. Love this design .

  3. Aww so lovely. Things around us can always inspire us ����

  4. I don't wear abaya but this one is lovely and could actually see myself wearing it! Looks so stylish masha'Allah

  5. Imagining you devouring cakes and desserts, with some tea by the side of course - that is good life!

    Unique abaya design, I love the thought that went into it - to match your event theme, masha Allah.

  6. This looks stylish and the knot style....looks comfortable to wear too...

  7. Black is my favorite color and knot made it more gorgeous.

  8. Super stylish abaya! I love the sleeves and the side accents. I don't wear abaya, but if I am in the market, I am coming to you. This would be very elegant for a tea.:)

  9. That is beautiful! Those details are stunning - not too much and more like a dress than an abaya - I love it!


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