Reading No. 3: Little Black Book

I've had my eye on this little book for a while. Initial thoughts: 'this is so cute, small and pink!' Better yet - a book for the working women by a working woman.

This 'Little Black Book' is so small (only 115 pages), it can easily be finished within a day. It's packed with tips and extremely handy info that women will need being their own boss, or even working in a company.

Fight winter skin with Organic Argan infused beauty products

Arganic Beauty is a natural organic beauty company that sell beauty products infused with Argan oil.

Almost every beauty product sold by Arganic Beauty contains Argan oil (apart from two), nevertheless, all of the products are 100% Organic or natural. Argan oil has various benefits, but the actual plant from the argan tree is primarily only used in oil form or sometimes shampoo, which limits the ways you can use it. It is impressive that Arganic Beauty has taken the simple oil, and expanding it to being used as more than just an oil, but part of a beauty regime for the face, body & hair. As parts of scrubs and bath salts. Which lets you draw more from the nutrients of the oil and get that desired skin much faster. It's a complete skin care package!

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