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Is there a better way to express love than gift-giving? I think not! What a perfect way to show love, gratitude, and support in a little heartfelt gift that warming the heart and exciting the soul!

Mubarak London is a Luxury gifting company that aims to bring Halal Luxury to your doorstep or to your loved ones home, just by making a few clicks online. One less thing to worry about, and an additional excitement to anticipate. Rest assured you will find the perfect fancy gift for any occasion!

I was incredibly lucky to receive one of these luxury fancy gift boxes, and even better yet, my box was custom designed! Mubarak London offers pre-designed boxes for every occasion as well as the option of the bespoke designed boxes for those that have a particular gift in mind. I must say, my custom designed gift box was pure PINK and oozed opulence. 

Words can't explain the excitement I felt when I received my Mubarak London luxury gift box. Perhaps the ladies who saw the unboxing on my Instagram stories may say that they heard a pretty good deal of describing, but in my defence, before I unboxed it, I jumped up and down in excitement (maybe there was a little bit of screaming between the jumps), and then composed myself to begin filming the unboxing in a more composed manner for you ladies.

What can I say, everything about the Mubarak London box is just delightful!

What did I receive?

I received 3 beautiful gifts, the first of which was a pink large glass candle, by Marmalade of London. The candle was infused with pink pepper, pomegranate, and plum (sounds like a tongue twister!) and it was absolutely divine. It had a rich musky scent with a slight sweetness to it. Just the perfect addition to my growing candle collection.  The packaging was beautiful - it came in a pink cylinder container, with a gold lid. Packaging always makes a difference for me. I often horde packaging just because of the way it looks. And for those of you who noticed, the candle isn't actually pink, but the packaging and label is.

The second gift in the box was a pink (this time really) 23ct Gold flake seriously lavish chocolate bar. Now, if any of you watched my Instagram stories, you'd know that this chocolate bar literally blew me away. I will give you three simple reason why.
  • 1: It's pink, hey, if you didn't know already, that's an automatic reason I'd love it.
  • 2: It has a 3D geometric art Deco tile carving on the chocolate bar, making it an artwork in itself. 
  • 3: Its hand painted with 23ct gold flakes! How's that for a fancy chocolate? I honestly didn't think I could eat it when I first got it. Hello! It's way too pretty to go in my mouth. But upon checking their website and finding out that my pink chocolate is currently sold out, I think I will definitely save it for a special occasion. 
The last gift was a white wood wall hanging, with the sweetest reminder Alhamdulillah for everything. This is an extremely important reminder and even though the wall hanging is simple the message it sends is life-changing. This would look perfect hanging in my sewing space/ office. A powerful reminder that whatever life throws at me, being grateful is one of the core elements of a happy life.

Psst... Read my first introduction to Mubarak London here, and trust me, you will fall in love with them even more!

Mubarak London have now launched their new website with even better luxury gift boxes and new hampers so do look  here 

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