Mayfair, London

That pink flower wall, must be Elan Cafe

Now I am pretty sure you have seen Elan cafe all over Instagram. The prettiest flower & pink cafe in London.

Elan is a dainty cafe, in the heart of Mayfair right opposite Hyde Park. The interior and exterior of the cafe sets it apart from most and is what has helped grow is admirers. The famous flower wall and bicycle props in the store make the cafe an Instagram photo shoot oasis. As a person who loves the attention to details, the interior alone made this cafe that much more special to me. Plush velvet chairs in a cool green shade, brass contrast throughout and flowers galore.

The second charm to the cafe is the food. Halal, healthy, sweet and insanely pleasant to look at. Most of the food is arrayed in a creative presentation makes is a major plus for me. I don't know about you but I sure do like to see my food before I pick it. The phrase "we eat first with our eyes", is accurate in this case. I liked the option of choosing my food just because of what it looks like, which is bit cheeky but I must admit well worth it, as I choose a fig tart to eat just because of the insane amount of slices of figs on top of it. You must believe me when I tell you it was the best fig tart have ever tasted.

If there is one cafe you must visit in London I will say it should be this one. They have also expanded and have opened a store in Brompton Road which is a pink dream.

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