Farmacy kitchen

For a while I have wanted to visit Farmacy Kitchen, it looks splendid from the outside, you must by now know that I am an avid admirer of storefronts. But more than anything I wanted to experience the food that they offer.

'Offering an array of delicious plant-based dishes inspired from around the globe, Farmacy supports both vegan and vegetarian diet, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives, and chemicals.'
Istanbul, Turkey

Travel Guide: Istanbul part 2

Part two of my Istanbul Diaries is finally up yay! This post will contain my adventures on the Taksim side of Istanbul. The city is big and is divided into two parts European and Asian side. I spent my trip on the European side. The European side is split up by the golden horn which separates the historic center of Istanbul from the rest of the city by 5 bridges.

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