Tea party decorations- Eid party

You can never go wrong with a tea party, now imagine an Eid tea party, dream come true, right?
My sister and I at Step inside my handbag collaborated again to bring you our perfect Eid decorations inspiration post. I am sure I say this everytime but this time this one is actually my favourite, it includes everything I love, tea, cake, biscuits, and EID!

The concept of this Eid inspiration is a whimsical tea party, we have thrown a good amount of tea parties before but never one where we were seated on the floor. There is something about reclining on soft pillows while sipping tea and celebrating with loved ones that has a luxurious element, let's not forget the tremendous health benefits that are included in sitting on the floor while eating. We know this post will include lots of indulgent food, but at least the sitting will keep things a little bit healthy.

The Eid party was inspired by the floral chandelier that is hanging above the coffee table. We placed an actual chandelier within the floral one to encompass the whimsical look we were aiming for. You can access the DIY post for the floral chandelier on Step inside my handbags blog here. We used the colours of the flowers on the floral chandelier as our colour base and worked around those colours for the desserts.

We used a large deep button coffee table as our low table and decorated the floor with real and faux fur rugs and a soft throw. Then layered the seating area with layers of pillows, these pillows added that relaxing accommodating space to the seating area.

As for tea, the perfect tea to drink on this occasion is floral tea, so we choose to use blooming tea flower, which not only looks the part but tastes good too. Made with Jasmine and green tea, it really does excite the senses. The tea ball naturally blooms when hot water is poured into the teacup.

The gorgeous 4 layered pink ombre cake is baked by me, I posted the recipe for it exclusively on Dina Creations website here. This cake is absolutely delicious and so easy to make, it is simple in appearance but the decorations on the top made it the centerpiece of the tea party. The pink ombre layers and macaroons and pink chocolate bar and 24 ct gold leaf make the cake more than just a layered cake. The cake topper is by the amazing Silhouette sue. This is the Second Eid party we have used her cake/cup toppers, I love them so much and find them so versatile the silver sparkle had added pizazz.

I don't think there is ever an Eid party without homemade cookies and this time we went for the super sweet sugar cookies. Also baked by me, you can find the recipe here. These cookies had the comforting feel to the Eid party. We usually a traditional cookie, but we decided to use these moon & star and fancily shaped cookie cutters from The Muslim Sticker Company. The cookie cutters also came with cookie letter stamps which I used to carve out the Eid on the cookies. The white icing matched with the white icing on the on the cake.

This Eid Tea Party is my favourite of all the parties we have set up it was extremely fun and easy to create. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and would love to know what you have planned for Eid.

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