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Farm Girl cafe is the Instagram cafe for brunch. It has everything you will need for the perfect Instagram brunch shot. From the whitewashed walls when you enter to the outside seating perfect during the summer weather. To that avocado toast! hey is it an Instagram brunch without avocado? It's a cute cafe in Notting Hill, close to Portobello Road, ideal for a spot shopping and sightseeing. And if you go during Friday or the weekend you catch the Portobello market and find some cool quirky items.

As the name of the cafe implies the cafe is inspired by a farm experience. The owner of the cafe lived on a farm in Australia and aimed to bring that simple Australian cafe culture to the city life of London, with a healthy holistic approach.
Though it may not be the girly flower filled cafe that I am used to dining at, Farm girl does have its charms and that probably explains why I find myself returning to the cafe.
I have posted two different occasions that I have eaten at Fram girl for brunch, and what I have chosen to eat.

For my first ever visit to Farmgirl, I went with 3 other girlfriends. And the first thing that caught my eye in the menu was the avocado toast. Now I must let you know I LOVE avocado toast and any occasion to eat is a good occasion so that's what I choose to eat. Also, we were planning on eating some delicious donuts from Happy Donuts who are also in Portobello so I didn't want to eat too much food, the aim was to leave some room for dessert. 

For my drink I went for the rose latte, This was my first time ever trying it, it is also when the doors of  'every time I see Rose latte in a menu, I must buy it' opened for me. I will profess that I am a Rose latte lover now.  As for my friends, they ordered the gold latte, matcha latte, and I think a chai latte. For their brunch, they went for poached eggs on toast, Coconut Sandwich, with coconut bacon. Sliced beef tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce & homemade cashew cream on toasted brown sourdough. 
And an oven-baked Aubergine. Traditionally baked in tomato & chickpea sauce with a mint and tahini yogurt dressing. So we all went ate Vegetarian meals.

My second visit to Farmgirl was with a larger group of girlfriends there was 11 of us. And we were seated upstairs in their private section of the cafe, which I must say had an awesome view of the whole cafe. And I also had a sneaky view of the kitchen/cooking area so I did watch how the food was made.

I am sure you won't be surprised to read that I ordered a rose latte, its a must. 
What I did order that is different is apple pancakes with coconut shavings. You must believe me when I say this pancake is sweetI do enjoy sweet food, hello professed cake lover here! However this was too sweet and I couldn't finish it instead I let the other girls try it, which they loved.
I am sure you can spot an avocado toast and coconut bacon sandwich which was the winner and everyone loved it.

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