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Cleansing the body is not just about mindful eating but also mindful cleaning. What we clean our bodies with is just as important as what we consume. Enter  Middle Path Soapery, a holistic handcrafted cleansing soap brand that aims to cleanse our bodies but with the intent of keeping us mindful of the environment as well as social issues. Using ingredients that purify, nourish and keep us healthy. I just wish I knew of this brand before, it is exactly what I need in my life.

Once I was introduced to the brand I was instantly drawn to the simple approach to beauty and well being, without all the extra ingredients you would usually find in soap/skincare products.  Clean, healthy with the perfect harmony of ingredients that work well and nurture the body. 

The Middle Path' (Arabic: Wasatyiah) refers to the Islamic principle of moderation, an idea which is also found in the Buddhist faith.  According to this teaching, one should strive to find harmony and balance between opposite poles.
Through our work, we would like to accompany you on your middle path – the journey to finding harmony in your life.'

The motto of the brand is something that we all wish to live by, to find that balance and harmony in our lives. There is a little piece of joy included in each purchase,  a tree is donated for every soap bar sold. What a wonderful way to look after the environment. It does bring a sense of peace to the mind knowing that you are doing your part, even if you are not actually putting in the effort of planting a tree. I do love companies that help support charities and the earth. We may feel like we are simply looking after our bodies and using ethical products to cleanse but Middle Path Soapery go that extra mile and help us give and be mindful to our of surroundings with such a simple act of giving back with each purchase we make. How cool is that!

I want to share with all of my lovely readers a discount code  25STARS for 20% off your order from Middle Path Soapery, use the code 25STARS at the checkout. The code is valid until Saturday 29th of September. 
Find all of the selection of soaps here

I was sent five soaps to use, each soap I personally selected. I will be honest it was not easy to select only 4, I would love to own and try all of the soaps. Each soap has a special name and words of wisdom to match the name. I will go through each soap I selected, but before I do that, I would be crazy not to talk about the packaging! WOW, the packaging is something else. The branding is perfect, to say the least. Each soap is packaged in a brown box that is adorned in what resembles henna print. Each packaging text has its own colour that matches the ingredient of the soap. An example, Integrity is purple and the main ingredient is Lavender where else Courage is orange with henna as the main ingredient.

All the soaps are handcrafted, and each unique. The blend of colours in each soap makes them look like a piece of art. All the soaps I received contain Black Seed Oil apart from The Extra Gentle Soap. We as Muslims believe that this oil is a super oil. 

Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Prophet sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) said:  “Use this Black Seed regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

'May this soap be a reminder of HARMONY: Synchronise your thoughts, words and actions. Find your balance.'
The first soap I tried was Harmony, blended with Black Seed, Date, and Frankincense. I could not wait to try this soap. I use it as my facial cleanser it leaves me feeling revitalized. With the extra ingredients of activated charcoal and organic apple cider vinegar this soap is perfect as a facial cleanser and has all the needed ingredients for the perfect pick me up first thing in the morning.

'May this soap be a reminder of COURAGE: Courage of mind, courage of spirit, courage of body.'

I chose Courage as it is a versatile soap, suitable for cleansing the body, hair, and beard. Yes, you heard right a shampoo soap! Now I would be lying if I said that it didn't excite me because it did. I love products that have more than one function it makes life easy. Henna is famous for its properties for strengthing the hair and protecting the scalp from dandruff. Enriched with Neem oil, Bergamot, Patchouli and Eucalyptus the soap also acts as a hair conditioner. Now how is that for a versatile soap?

'May this soap be a reminder of INTEGRITY: Let your convictions shine through your actions, your words, and your thoughts.'
Once I saw  Integrity, I knew this would be my perfect relaxing soap. I adore the scent of lavender and usually need its soothing properties when life is a bit more hectic than usual. The perfect lavender scent this soap really does make me feel like I have walked right into lavender fields sure to put me into a dreamy state. The soap also contains geranium which is used to reduce inflammation and balance hormones. This is my go-to self-care soap.

'May this soap be a reminder of WONDER. Let go of expectations and judgments. Look at the world through a child’s eyes.'
Wonder soap is just gorgeous, the mixture of colours of this soap is alluring.  I chose wonder purely because the main ingredient which is the cucumber. Soothing and cooling the soap is aimed for dry and mature skin but as we are in Autumn I believe this soap comes extremely handy with the change of weather and the use of central heating. My skin easily becomes dry during these months, and sometimes I feel a burning sensation on my face when the central heating is on and Wonder is the perfect addition to keeping my skin cool but combat the drying weather. The soap also contains Starflower, activated charcoal, and organic apple cider vinegar.

The Extra Gentle Soap is probably my favorite, each soap resembles a work of art, however, this soap is an artwork in itself. The soap has the most beautiful intricate carvings of a lotus. With ingredients that work on nourishing the skin, this soap contains unrefined Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, and Castor Oil. I personally believe every household should own this soap with its blend of oils that make it perfect for almost every skin type. You can find the other soaps Middle Path Soapery have to offer here.

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