How to plan your instagram feed with Planoly

Planning your Instagram feed may sound like a tedious task for some, but one that can become quite fun and addictive but most of all time-saving. If you are using your Instagram as a business or even just for fun. Staying consistent is important in keeping your followers up to date and interested in what you are doing.
So one of the best ways to keep consistent is by planning your Instagram feed way ahead and posting at the right times. This way you can kick back relax and rest while your Instagram feed is storted for you.

Welcome to the second part of my Instagram series posts, the first part I demonstrated an easy method of editing your photos on your phone using only one app. Yep, I can't believe it too, it's that simple to edit your photos so that you can have clean bright photos for your feed. It is an excellent way to keep your photos looking uniform. I also shared some simple tricks on changing the undertones of your photos to suit each season.

On this post, I will share the app I use to keep my feed looking consistent and to also plan when to post so that you don't actually have to be on Instagram to post.

The app I use is called Planoly. It is free to download, however, the app itself has a free plan and a premium plan. It is okay if you don't have the funds to pay for the premium plan as the most important features are free.
The free features include planning your feed for a limited 30 pictures per month. This allows you to upload your photos drag and drop them around the grid until you are happy with the outcome. Then you can choose when to post on your Instagram and even save captions you want before then just share it on your feed when you are ready and copy the caption onto the post. What I love about using Planoly is they include the previous posts on your actual Instagram on their grid so that you can see if your new posts align with your old ones, this is important if you have a theme, and if you are changing the theme of your Instagram. 

The premium plan allows you to plan and schedule the unlimited posts as well as captions and the app will post them for you on the days and times you have scheduled it. Planoly also has the option of scheduling your insta stories. As well as track analytics to better understand your audience.

To access the premium, plan you will need to update your Instagram to a business profile and own a facebook page. 

Planoly also has some of the best blog posts about Instagram and owning a business as well as blogging, and how to make the most of your Instagram. Packed with cool interviews with Influencers and business owners I always find great gems to read on their blog.


  1. Masha Allah... thanks for sharing. Heard about this app + others for scheduling, and have been considering using it.

    1. You are very welcome. Try the app you will love it, it simple to use and makes life easy.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Planoly has really helped me to plan my Instagram feed. By saving inspirational picture of how l want my feed to look like, it makes planning easy.
    And their blogposts are highly insightful.


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