Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Travel Diaries: M is for Marrakech

 Marrakech, was on my bucket list of countries to visit for awhile. So I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do when I  visited *mostly shopping. Mostly shopping is what I did not do, alright so there was shopping here and there but the city had so much to offer.
How can I describe my trip without sounding like I had rose tinted glasses on?
I Loved it

DIY twisted headband

It is rare not to have left over fabric from sewing. And I like to find little projects to use up the fabric, instead of throwing it away. So I made these cute twisted headbands. It was super easy and quick to make. Anyone can wear it from a child to an adult. You will only need a little bit of jersey fabric, so if you don't have any laying at home, you can use an old T-shirt.

Bullet journal & Routines

I live by routines and building good habits, it helps kick my procrastination habits aside as well as focus on what needs to be done. It hasn't been easy after years of not having a proper routine in my life.
I always thought I was living my life the way I see fit, and after my daily Islamic routines, *praying & reading Quran, everything was okay. But after years of procrastination, crying, unfulfilled dreams, anger, boredom, jobs, yearning, not getting enough done, tired all the time. You are getting my point yes? I have finally come to the realization that what helped me get things done, and kept me on the path that I needed for my personal & work life was routine & building good habits.
Now it is one of the main parts of my life that I work hard to keep.
I need the routine to get things done during the day and keep in consent check with my goals in life.

The New Look & Nars

My favouite March makeup purchases. 
Bags, I've always had under eye bags. Sometimes I like to call them designer bags, pure leather, to make myself feel good of course, because no one in their right mind likes under eye bags. I have always struggled with covering them, my list of concealers I have used that have failed to the job is endless. I don't likes to waste money on something that doesn't work. But I must say, I love this Nars radiant creamy concealer.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Travel Diaries: A if for Amsterdam

Hello my darlings,
In Sha Allah this will the be the beginning of many more travel diaries.  I must confess this is not my first time traveling to Amsterdam, it is actually my third. You might be thinking whats makes me keep going back? Mainly family, and how can I resist the city, it is beautiful. The architecture is what really makes me fall in the love with the city. The canal houses, are my favourite, the colours the sizes and the fact that they stand along the canals, its beautiful. Also its the city of the bikes, *nervous laugh,  I like bikes, just not getting hit by one whilst walking on the street.You would expect me have learnt by now, but still makes me nervous every time I return. Even though it is a bike city, I can spend countless hours walking around, its a clean city and that gets a big tick of approval from me.

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