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Travel Diaries: M is for Marrakech

 Marrakech, was on my bucket list of countries to visit for awhile. So I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do when I  visited *mostly shopping. Mostly shopping is what I did not do, alright so there was shopping here and there but the city had so much to offer.
How can I describe my trip without sounding like I had rose tinted glasses on?
I Loved it

Before I left, I researched a lot on the attractions, there was so much to do. As I was traveling with my brother, I wanted to do stuff we both would enjoy. I pre-booked some of the activities whilst still in London, and planned what we would be doing daily, so there was less stress when we arrived in Marrakech. The hotel was close to city attractions, but not too close. Walking is something I love to do, and I would try to walk instead of taking the taxi, it was nice to see how the locals lived.

The Medina Souk, the first time We visited, surprise surprise We got lost, I did expect it to happen, but not so early on. Then we were approached by a local tour guide *someone who is not actually a tour guide, just a local who will exchange directions for money.
The tour guide who was an old man with a walking stick, decided to stick. Because of him, We had the opportunity to eat the best tasting brunch, it consisted of delicious meat with seasoning and bread, drank with mint tea. I know it was too early to eat meat, but I was hungry and tasted so good. I have no idea what the restaurant was called, and how to find it again, only that it was full of locals,  and the interior was nostalgic. The Medina souk is a little bit crazy, but highly fun, there is so much going on, and most of the people are nice. Be careful as you will be sharing the walking space, with mopeds, carts, donkeys, and maybe even a horse. Always be prepared to constantly leap out of the way *when in the souk near Ben Youssef Madrasa, whilst shopping, a horse came very close to my face from behind me. I got so scared to even the shopkeeper found it funny.

We ended up returning to the Medina throughout the week because it was close to a lot of attractions including Jemaa el-Fnaa, where we spent the day taking photos with snakes and monkeys * be cautious with the owners trying to rip you off with prices. During the night the square comes alive, it was something else, we really enjoyed ourselves. A lot of the time was spent walking around looking for food, there were so many vendors to choose from, they all cry out out trying to lure you in their stalls. The rest of night we spent chucking light-up toys in the air with the rest of the kids that were selling them. Shall I tell you how the vendor we ate at lured us in, he told us that their food is cheaper than Morrisons. Both of us were shocked, surprised and found it extremely funny, how could we not eat here. How did he know about Morrisons? *for those of you not from the UK, Morrisons is a supermarket, that sells cheap food. Later that night whilst eating we quizzed the guy, and found out that they research information about the Uk, the use the information as a tecnique to lure in the customers our vendor guy hasn't actually been to the UK, or Morrisons.

We went to Jardin Majorelle on one of our more relaxed days in Marrakech, this place is just tranquil, a real beauty, the plants and colours. Every one was walking around taking pictures, & selfies.
Ben Youssef Madrasa was one of my favorite places we visited, it is cheaper than Jardin Majorelle, but no less beautiful. The idea that people would came here to study the Quran made me very excited to visit. I was not disappointed, I lost a lot of the photos I took of the Madrasa, so I can't even show you the best parts. There was a man seated at the corner  hand making the tiles that filled the madrasa walls, it was interesting to see and at the end, I walked off with one of the tiles *it was given to me, I didn't steal it.

The Koutoubia Mosque is also very close to Jemaa el-Fnaa and the Medina Souk. We prayed Jummah Salat then walked through the park. When traveling I usually like to visit as many mosques as I can. I love hearing the different recitation, and the architecture of the mosques always amaze me. *Little tip the mosques are usually closed until salah time, then the doors are open. A few times we got to a mosque a little late to then find the mosque is closed and we have pray outside. At the Kasbah mosque when we arrived late, the locals told  us that the mosque has two prayer times, so we waited until the next prayer time.

Saladin Tombs is next door to to the Kasbah Mosque, so you can visit both places in a day, YAY.
I can not get over the craftsmanship put into the buildings and the Saladin Tombs were not any different.

The one thing I will advice everyone to do, whilst in Marrakech is the horse carriage ride around the city, it was the one thing that I didn't actually didn't want to do, as it looked too touristy, but i enjoyed it soo much, and horses we were lovely, halfway through the ride, we stopped to give the horses water to drink, and we ended up taking selfies next to the horses.

So there you go, my highlights of my trip to Marrakech, have you also visited the city and what are your thoughts?
I will also do a post on other cities I visited whilst I was in Morrocoo.

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