DIY Pom Pom

Who doesn't love pom poms? They are so cute, and bring out the happy side in everyone. I sure do love them, and I'm planning to make a pom pom cushion cover. But before that I have to make the pom poms. Here is a super easy pom pom tutorial made from knitting yarn. These pom poms can be used for anything from curtain trimmings, to hats, to cute little key chains.


  • Knitting yarn
  • Fork
  • Scissors

Using your yarn and a fork, wrap your yarn around your fork. * I wrapped the yarn 90 times.
Then tie the ends of your yarn at the back of the fork, cut off the excess yarn.
Tie a tight knot in between the fork, in the center of your wrapped yarn. It will now look like a bow.
Gently pull the yarn out of the fork.
Snip the yarn in both sides of the bow shape.
Trim the pom pom to give a nice curved shape.

Tada, your done! You now have a cute little pom pom.

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