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Gold & Mirrors in the V&A

take great pleasure in looking at interior and architecture. I believe interior, architecture and fashion all go hand in hand. If you love one, the rest all find a place in your heart one way or another. And they balance each other out. A hobby of mine to visit museums, and who can resist the V&A museum in London. It's close to Knightsbridge, so once finished I can pop into Chapati & Karak then some retail therapy in Harrods.

One of my favourite rooms in the V&A museum is Norfolk house music room, room 52. The first time I stumbled into the room I was shocked. I didn't expect to find it and instantly felt a certain attachment. The attention to detail is stunning and the recreation of the room by the V&A is wonderful. It serves as a reminder of elegance.
Here are some pictures I took when I last visited.

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