Style: Stars & pockets + Thamanyah

I would love to say that  Thamanyah was designed to celebrate my blog name, stars and all. We designed the abaya with the stars long before I chose the name for my blog. It matches and  I love it, so now this is my new favourite abaya. So lets just pretend that this abaya is in honour of my blog.
Plus it has pockets, what is it us girls and our love for pockets?  When someone complements my outfit, usually I will smile, accept it and then gush about the pockets, like it is super cool to have pockets "look and it has pockets"

The distinctive features of Thamanyah apart from pockets is twelve star shaped rhinestones set in gold *not real gold of course. It has the right amount of shiny, subtle for a day look, but when worn with a pair of killer heels, the abaya is transformed to a full on evening look. That will wow just about anyone. If I may add it will be the perfect Eid abaya *wink wink. Since Eid is well on its way, order your abaya in time on Barakah

Thamanyah is also an open abaya, making it more versatile as you wear it open or closed, with pretty dress underneath or go casual. Which ever way you decide to style it, you know you will look gorgeous in a Barakah abaya.

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