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Freebie Eid decorations inspiration

Wow, Subhan'Allah Ramadan year 1437/2016  is nearly over. You know what that means EID yay. 
Even  though I love Ramadan, and I can't wait for it every year. Eid excites me just as much and I get giddy like a little child. Maybe it's the all the sweet food I consume on the day. Or it could be because of the celebration of being able to complete Ramadan and In Sha Allah carry on my days with the fresh new outlook on life that I acquired during the holy month. Whatever it is, I like to celebrate with style.
Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Travel Diaries: Atlas mountains & Ourika valley

Atlas mountain & Ourika Valley day trip
The final installment of Marrakech trip. 
We booked before we left London. it was one of our first and one of the main activities we did whilst in Marrakech. it was also one of our favourite. The trip had everything both my brother and I like. The sight seeing and eating was for me, and the active parts for my brother.
London, UK

home office every girl boss needs

Working from home, sounds more tedious than it actually is. It is quite fun, {you can do whatever you want when you want, since you are the boss}. Okay now it sounds like I a selling idea of working from home to you, I'm not. Well maybe you will be sold after you get inspired with these home offices.
London, UK

The gift of stars

 The Prophet {sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam} used to accept gifts and used to give something in return.” [Sahih Bukhari]
Giving gifts is something that I love to do. And I was bought up being taught that giving gifts increases love and affection amongst people, as well as being a Sunnah. {A very nice one may I add, especially if your are in the receiving end.}
Giving a gift does not have to be about spending a lot of money, or buying materialistic items. It should be about bringing your loved one joy, every time they look at the gift they are reminded of you.

Lavender home

I found a cute little Japanese Stationary shop in Nothing Hill. Which was a coincidence as I was looking for distinct wrapping paper, when walking past the shop. To say that the shop is Kawaii is a understatement. It was much more than just cute.

Style: When the suns out, wear pleats

Pleated abaya
The weather in London is finally looking sunny, so you know what that means. Open abayas Yay.

How to design an abaya

Quick simple easy tips on how to design an abaya
A question that never gets old. But the answer is very simple. As an abaya designer, I would say that I have designed quite a few abayas, and designed with clients as well as made clients dream abayas come to life. Here is a list I have complied to help you design your abaya. It will make the design process easier and effortless.
London, UK

Thank you

At Barakah London, we always like to say a nice big fat thank you to all our clients. We designed a simple thank you card, which we think is an excellent way to express ourselves.
Laduree, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London

Laduree & Macaroons

I had a much needed catch up with a friend of mine, and we decided to use the occasion to try out the macaroons at Laduree in Harrods. The setting of the tea room was so cute, with soft pastel shades and crystal chandeliers. We ordered a selection of macaroons to try, and who can resist hot chocolate with cream. The macaroons were sweet and tasty my favourite was the strawberry pink with marshmallow filling. It was also the first macaroon I tasted.
I was very surprised to find macaroons are filling, after a eating a few I was already full. My friend and I ordered ten to share as we wanted to try out as much as the flavours as we could, but we ended up taking some home, because we couldn't finish the macaroons.

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