Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Travel Diaries: Atlas mountains & Ourika valley

Atlas mountain & Ourika Valley day trip
The final installment of Marrakech trip. 
We booked before we left London. it was one of our first and one of the main activities we did whilst in Marrakech. it was also one of our favourite. The trip had everything both my brother and I like. The sight seeing and eating was for me, and the active parts for my brother.

We booked our trip with rough tours, through their website. Link at the bottom. Once we arrived we didn't have to worry about anything as they picked us up from our hotel. Our tour guide and driver were very nice and informative aswell as easy going. Both my brother and I asked too many questions, some very random, and both of them were tolerant.
Firstly we drove to the Atlas mountains, straight to a Berber house for a house tour. Where  we were served mint tea with fresh bread and a array of dips.. We spent some time exploring the house, and were taught how the Berbers lived, I was particularly interested in their shower/bath which is outside, it reminded me of a sauna.
We then drove around the mountains through the local houses and markets to an argon oil shop were we watched the oil being handmade by women.
Every time we saw something interesting we would stop the car, get out and explore, I loved that about our guide he was very accommodating. This one time we stopped at a very simple suspension bridge held by pieces of wood and rope. I was so excited when I saw it. Crossing the bridge looked simpler than it was, and what made it more difficult was that I was recording with a selfie stick whilst walking the bridge *you will notice by the now, that I was recording with a selfie stick in some unsafe situations hmm not a good idea. At the end of the bridge was a rocky path that we climbed to reached a forgeron which I instantly thought was place to eat. But was actually a black smith shop, why did I think it was place to eat, well it could be because the painting outside the blacksmith looked like a man cooking lol. It was cool, we got to try out  the tools, then made a curved hook  that I think farmers use to cut their crop.

We drove through the local houses and markets to a Berber village where we started our trek  to Ourika Valley, I think climbing up took us around 30/45 mins. It started off easy, as we were climbing up steps weaved between restaurants and markets. Then it started to get harder to climb when we reached the cascades. There were a few of them, and it was very slippery. Other tourists were also trying to climb  down while we climbed up, which was pretty cool as we helped each other out, holding hands if one was finding it hard.

We finally reached the top to Ourika Valley, sweating may I add. But very much pleased, because I didn't slip at all. At the top we took our time enjoying the view, and drinking fresh orange juice and taking selfies. A lot of the men went directly under the waterfall to take their pictures. I sat and watched from afar whilst trying to not laugh at my brother who was climbing between rocks and trying not to slip into the cold water to get to the waterfall.
Then we had to climb down, this is when a slipped, just once, but enough for me to decide to climb half of trek down sitting as many times as I can. 
Once down back into the Berber village we prayed our Salat on the top of the roof of a resturant, the view was amazing. From my previous posts i mentioned that in this trip to Marrakech we prayed in places that we never expected, which was awesome.
We then crossed a bridge to the other side of the river to be seated at the resturant we choose to eat at.

On our way back to out hotel we took a different root. Which winding up into and through the Atlas mountains through the villages where we witnessed young shepherds with their herds of goats and sheep. Little children waving at us while we drove by. And a wedding gathering. Honestly I really liked this part of our trip we saw villages up close.


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