How to design an abaya

Quick simple easy tips on how to design an abaya
A question that never gets old. But the answer is very simple. As an abaya designer, I would say that I have designed quite a few abayas, and designed with clients as well as made clients dream abayas come to life. Here is a list I have complied to help you design your abaya. It will make the design process easier and effortless.

  1. Know your body shape: This one is pretty basic right? However most people don't know. It is important to know the shape of your body to know what will suit you. Example; if you have large breasts you won't opt for abaya with lots of detail on the chest area drawing more attention there. Knowing your body shape will allow you to determine  what you can wear.
  2. What is the function?: Is your abaya day wear or is it for the evening or both. When you have a idea of when you will wear the abaya, it makes the design process much easier.
  3. Pick the style: Now the fun begins, there are so many different abaya styles to choose from. Here is a little list, open, closed, batwing, farasha shape, kimono, slim sleeve etc.. the list goes on.
  4. Lets talk fabrics: At this day and age, we are lucky to say that an abaya can be made in nearly any kind of fabric {before people would only use abaya fabric or crepe}. Colours are also now more varied than ever before so wearing a coloured abaya is now seen as a norm.
  5. Embellishments: My favourite part of the designing process. Gone are the days were the only detail on the abaya were swarovski crystals. Now you can play around with the fabric eg: pleats and that in itself is an embellishment. Or you can use lace appliques, different coloured fabric as an embellishment detail, your choices are endless.
  6. Its time to sew: The final and probably the most important part, the sewing. If you can sew, perfect. But if you can't sew be sure to choose your tailor wisely, as they would be bringing your idea to life.


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