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I found a cute little Japanese Stationary shop in Nothing Hill. Which was a coincidence as I was looking for distinct wrapping paper, when walking past the shop. To say that the shop is Kawaii is a understatement. It was much more than just cute.

Honestly I felt as if i was taken to Japan *not that I have ever been there. But the choice of colours and furniture as well as the  items they were selling really captured the feeling. Not to mention the selection on manga inspired items. 
I got what I went in for. I bought star printed wrapping paper, that I will use for a future diy project for the blog, so be sure to look out for that. But for now you can gaze through the pictures I took of the store.


  1. Came here from your previous post but thought I should finish reading that one before I get lost in your blog. I havea thing for packaging and cute stuff sothisis right up my street. Need to visit this store one day, I'm too far away!! For now tho i'll have to find out if they have an online store.

    Nazira | Love Hijab Girl | Bloglovin

    1. Good idea, i think they have an online store. You are like me love packaging.


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