Sister love: why I am in love with this daily planner

 I am now going to convince you why you have to download this free, yes I said free daily planner. Because it is absolutely fabulous. It has now become my favourite way of planning my day, it is easier as I jot everything down in the morning. Growing even more beloved to me than my bullet journal.

The planner was designed by the lovely blogger Umme Hafsa. Who I must say has the most awesome self-empowerment, successful living Muslimah blog. Which both my sister and I at Barakah London are addicted to reading. You guys must by now, have guessed that I have a little obsession with diaries and planners and planning my day, as well as routines, oh let's throw pretty stuff in that mixture as well.

Sister love section on the  blog is going to be about Muslimah sisters that I admire. Ones that are doing awesome jobs, and I just want to spread the sister love and show support.

I came across this free downloadable planner from Umme Hafsa's blog which is called Inspired and Fabulous {excellent name may I add} link here. And downloaded it, and boy was I hooked, I love it!!
The layout of the planner is simple, and straight to the point. It has everything and I mean everything we Muslims need to think about in our daily lives. salah checker *tick, intention of the day *tick, daily habits *tick, schedule *tick and much more. My favourite is the self-love section, one thing I forget to do many times, to think about myself during the day. As well as the Thank You Allah for which I just adore and now I can really think about what I am grateful for during the day, and brings out the positives of the day, even if I am having a rough time. Finally, the tips and advice are delightful to read such as the rest of the planner. Umme Hafsa has a beautiful way of helping us realise how to fix and order our lives around Allah, and I love her fisabilillah for it. May Allah preserve her and bless her with the success in this world and the hereafter, Ameen.


  1. I want to say firstly, your photographs are absolutely gorgeous! I love the flatlays, and just the way your take your shots! secondly, i so agree with you, that daily planner, Masha'Allah looks lovely, and it's so nice to have a daily planner like that, that helps one's spiritual self as well as daily life <3

    Rabiah x

    1. Awww, habibti thank you so much. That means a lot coming from you. I am an admirer of your blog and photos. Yes! this planner is everything, i enjoy using it, it is exactly as you said, it has a balance of spiritual & daily life. xx


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