Tie knotted abaya

The knotted dress + abaya look is currently so on trend, everywhere I look I seem to see it, well mainly on Pinterest and Instagram. But it is enough to make me want one.

Tumblr tuesday: The dressing up box

The dressing up box is my second Tumblr blog. Also, my favourite, as it is the one I regularly update. The intention of this Tumblr was to add some Islamic motivational posts as well as the usual stylish outfits and travel posts. It was important for me to have the Islamic element to this blog as I was going to spend a lot of my free time on it. I wanted it to be a space that I will feel inspired, not just in terms of material stuff, but also spiritually as well. I use my Tumblr blog as an online mood board, yet I also find myself on it when I am bored to occupy my free time. So it is important to me to learn something instead of just wasting hours. I have found some awesome Islamic and motivational Tumblr blogs that I follow that help me learn new things and others that have the perfect balance of stylish and travel plus deen.

Sister love: Noorah gifts

Whoa, I am already at my second sister love post, well what can I say there are some awesome sisters out there, doing some awesome jobs that I love to share. This time, I have selected Noorah gifts, a gift company that makes personalised gifts. The gifts vary from house items to custom makeup bags. They all have one thing in common, every item is very stylish, and would make a perfect gift.

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