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Whoa, I am already at my second sister love post, well what can I say there are some awesome sisters out there, doing some awesome jobs that I love to share. This time, I have selected Noorah gifts, a gift company that makes personalised gifts. The gifts vary from house items to custom makeup bags. They all have one thing in common, every item is very stylish, and would make a perfect gift.

My sister and I met the sister that owns & runs Noorah gifts at the Celebrate Us event in September. We just clicked, it is strange how some people you feel like you have known, or just seem to get along with, without effort, a familiarity, like; oh hello you. May Allah preserve our new friendship. I guess what made it easier was that we had secretly been watching each other on Instagram, always a good sign when you meet in real life, and respect each other.

When we were setting up our tables at the Celebrate Us event, both my sister and I kept hovering around and watching the Noorah gifts table from afar. We were interested and wanted to know more, but had to work as well. So we waited until our table was set up, and approached the stall. We had a nice chat with the owner and a good look around the stall. Both of us really wanted to see her working in her element as she was customizing  the items at the event. But it wasn't meant to be, as we got busy working. You can tell from the pictures, the stall was beautifully decorated, with a comforting homey feel. From the lush grass looking rug to the clean white table setting to give the items a nice base to stand out. 

I personally loved everything about the stall. I made a little wishlist of things I would like to buy, and who I would get it for. My favourite is the mugs. I loved the ready-made proverb on the mugs, "half her deen, half his deen" what an excellent idea. This type of gift is perfect for a new couple, just married with matching mugs. I have already decided three quotes for my mug, not sure which to go for, nothing lovey-dovey of course. But something inspiring plus quirky to help me get along the day when I am having my morning coffee. Something along the lines of  "You're like really pretty" I mean what girl wouldn't like to read that first thing in the morning, let's not kid ourselves it's a nice boost. As a coffee lover, a coffee quote is also cool like"my blood type is coffee". Finally a nice iman boost quote "Alhamdulillah no matter what". Not sure what design to go for yet, but with the price of the personalised mugs being so cheap, I might just order two, And give one to my bestie; I think she would really like the "my blood type is coffee" one as she is also a coffee lover.

My Sister, on the other hand, was eyeing up the cushion cases, the large one will be perfect for her sofa in her living room. I think the smaller ones will be suitable for her son's room. Since there will be two boys sleeping in the room, how cute will it be to have two cushions "big brother" and "little brother" printed on each one? Or  make it even cuter, and go along with the theme of my blog name "big star" and "little star" printed on each cushion.  Okay now I am going a little overboard, I am sure you can tell the option of customising makes me overly excited.

Another item on my wish list is the makeup bags, the first thing I love about the makeup bag is that it is black, hello favourite colour, so anything in that colour is a must for me. The second thing I love is the gold glitter print, which is just chic. The quote is what made me smile, "on fleek" but the fleek is printed in Arabic, insert huge grin. Yep your gifts can also be printed in Arabic, I like that option a lot, I mean really a lot, I want to use the word love again, but I think I have used that word too much for this post.

Almost all the gifts were at the stall, but I found a few more on the website. The kid's apron is must have, and I am eyeing it up for my niece and nephew, as they are both mini bakers. The printed design Noorah gifts have on the website is just too cute. Make sure to check it out here  as well as all the other gifts. You can also find the instagram here


  1. this is so nice! oh my gosh, im so refraining myself from going onto the website because once i do, i'm going to end up having a huge wishlist which is so bad, because just by the photographs, i am loving the personalised items! it's super stylish, and aesthetically gorgeous, i mean i love it!! and the ideas, you've mentioned are so good, i can't even pick a favorite one because they are all 'on point'.

    Rabiah x

    1. I know, everything is on point. Picking my wishlist was hard, I wanted everything. Honestly I can't wait buy something from Noorah gifts. xx

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