Dreaming about pajamas

Who doesn't love a great pajama set?  Winter is well on its way, which means the perfect excuse to wear snug pajamas indoors most of the day. Not to mention that they are very in style this year not just for wearing at home, but also going out.  I really need to throw away my odd mismatched pj's and replace them with a cute set that will make me feel extra pretty. I have decided to sew my own PJs this time.

Wearing chic pj's is a great way to end my night, for my beauty sleep, and even better way to start my day. Also, I remember reading that it is good to wear beautiful clothes when praying, the idea of wearing beautiful pj's when waking up for Tahajudd and Fajr salat is very motivating and is probably a great way to  look dressed up without dressing up in those times when the last thing on my mind is looking for pretty clothes as soon as I wake up.

So this style of wearing pj's for outerwear is what pushed me into looking at new pjs. I do like this new trend, in a strange way it does look smart, even though it probably is not supposed to be.
"Hey girl, I like your outfit" "Thanks, I woke up in it, it's my PJs" is probably the conversation I am expecting when I see girls outside in their very fancy PJ inspired outfits. But the funny thing is,  it looks like a normal outfit and less like pjs. I believe it is because you can wear it mixed with normal clothes, with just the shirt and pair of jeans, or the trousers worn with a knitted top.

The picture of the pink floral PJ set, with the ikat print border on the shirt sleeve and trouser hem, is what triggered me to want to sew my own. Instead of buying one. I looked at the image and thought those patterns and colors are so mismatched would be so hard to find a shop that sells something similar. The PJ is by For Restless Sleepers and the price is eye watering. Right now with my current lifestyle nothing will justify paying a ridiculous price for PJ's. Incase you are wondering the shirt costs £948.23 and the trousers are £439.29. I thought I might as well make one. Then came the feeling of dread, making the pattern will not be easy, and I don't know if I have the time to. Alhamdulillah (Thank God) I found a ready made pattern.

I have used this method of sewing using ready made patterns, plenty of times before. Actually, once it was an obsession of mine to collect ready made patterns, my favorites are vintage patterns, which are just impossible to find in my size, sigh. These sewing patterns are just lifesavers. You just buy the pattern you want in your size, cut it up then follow the instructions on how to sew your pattern. They even give you a guideline on how much fabric you will need to buy, sorted!  How can I not resist, it makes the sewing process so much easier and one less thing to think about. You know what I hate when sewing, making a mistake, going back to my pattern and adjusting it to fix the problem. This way someone else has done all the hard work for me, I just have to switch mind into designer mode and pick the coolest fabrics to buy. I love the pink floral PJs and will go for  a similar look. But I also like the green pj's, the painted check print with white contrast piping is so refreshing.  I have attachted the photo of the patteren I will be using just incase any of you guys would also like to make your own pjs.

Image sources
Pink PJ here
Floral PJ here
Green PJ unknown


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