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The last thing you expect at a charity event is, well, to be gifted as soon as you enter.  Picture this: you attend with charitable intentions, ready to hand out as much money as you can. But as soon as you enter, you're thanked straight away with a delightful gift. 
Mubarak London collaborated with the Sisters in Aid team so that the first 50 sisters through the door were given a freebie. The gifts were so thoughtful, and a great way to be introduced to the company's products. The Sisters in Aid team really did know how to spoil us! Also included were gorgeous party favours for each attendant waiting for them at the table.The party favours were made by Pritilittlethings and Elenair gifts.

I guess you want to know what is Mubarak London? And where you can find them?
Mubarak London is an online premium halal gift company based in London. They sell gorgeous gifts wrapped up in a chic white box and black ribbon - how is that for a stylish gift? Selling gifts ranging from household items, clothing, to even food and beauty. Mubarak London is ALL Halal certified. For Muslims, this is absolutely wonderful and considerate. Stick a Halal stamp on anything, and we'll rush towards it with happy hearts, knowing that you have just made our life easier. No longer do you have to read through labels of what you are buying.

I attended the Beauty and the Feast, Sisters in Aid event in November with my sister and ended up taking two gifts home that night. One for me and the other for her. We both received beauty products, face cream & a micellar cleansing water. The brand is Jamal Paris. What was truly considerate was that all products were free of alcohol and animal fats, oil by-products, parabens, and mineral oil stemming from the petrochemical industry. Thank you!

The party favours by Pritililthings, with marshmallow, yum, and hadith scroll "Worry ends when salah begins". The Gorgeous Henna print candle was by Elenair gifts.

You can find them here


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