Reading No. 3: Little Black Book

I've had my eye on this little book for a while. Initial thoughts: 'this is so cute, small and pink!' Better yet - a book for the working women by a working woman.

This 'Little Black Book' is so small (only 115 pages), it can easily be finished within a day. It's packed with tips and extremely handy info that women will need being their own boss, or even working in a company.

Fight winter skin with Organic Argan infused beauty products

Arganic Beauty is a natural organic beauty company that sell beauty products infused with Argan oil.

Almost every beauty product sold by Arganic Beauty contains Argan oil (apart from two), nevertheless, all of the products are 100% Organic or natural. Argan oil has various benefits, but the actual plant from the argan tree is primarily only used in oil form or sometimes shampoo, which limits the ways you can use it. It is impressive that Arganic Beauty has taken the simple oil, and expanding it to being used as more than just an oil, but part of a beauty regime for the face, body & hair. As parts of scrubs and bath salts. Which lets you draw more from the nutrients of the oil and get that desired skin much faster. It's a complete skin care package!

The clip-on phone lens and my personal review

I am sure that it comes as no surprise that I love to take photos. I am in no way claiming to be a professional photographer, but I am someone who has a huge fondness for it. Firstly, everything that I know is self-taught, and I'm always looking for new ways to take photos as well as edit them. When it comes to taking photos, we always assume that getting the latest popular camera is the only way to get those crisp photos we love to see on Instagram, blogs and Pinterest.

My modest collection of modern digital art

I have always loved art, and I've noticed that my style of art that I hung in personal spaces has changed with time.
Before I really admired (and still do) oil painting and I even had a go with making my own pieces. I have my own mini oil paintwork collection. But now, with the rise of the digital age, the digital artwork has become more accessible.  Modern Islamic wall art is a whole other game changer.

ooh la la GiftYounique

For the first time ever, I was gifted with a gift box designed personally for me by two lovely ladies who I'd never met, let alone heard of before. And I have to say: the girls did good!

Tumblr tuesday shades of blue

Feeling the colour blue.

As my childhood favourite colour, I have to say this colour has proven to have some pretty classy shades that suit the home and decorations. Lately I have been thinking about this colour more than I usually do, and I couldn't quite pinpoint what exactly inspired me about it until I went to Home Sense. There I spotted a gorgeous blue and white china lamp.

Style No. 22

This abaya Ithnaan wa Aishroon [now available for preorder], hands down, has got to be one of my favourites! But unlike most, this one's got a story I'd like to share. So settle down folks, grab a cup of tea and do read on.
Tobacco dock, East London

London halal food festival

Halal and Food are what all Muslims love to hear.  We do love our food! This year I had the pleasure of going to the London Halal Food Festival with my sister, which was pretty awesome. We hardly get to go to many cool places in London together even though we work together! This was our day off, and I'd say we spent it well, doing what we love best: eating!

FREE eid cards

Eid is just around the corner, well just over a week away.
I don't know about you guys but I think this calls for an Eid freebie, and what better a way to celebrate Eid with a lovely hand written note/card to loved ones to say how much you love them!
Ebury St, Belgravia, London

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Let me tell you a little story.
My friend and I were on our way to Peggy Porschen bakery. We decided to take the London Underground tube because we hardly use it anymore after Uber came into existence, and so we thought why not? It will be fun - and it was! Anybody who saw my Instagram stories can attest to this.

We had to change trains in Liverpool street, and we got lost. But really, who knew that the Station was that big? Okay everyone knew. We are just a bit clumsy, so we asked the train station assistant where we should catch our next train. The assistant inquired; "What exactly are you doing in Sloan Square?"
We responded that we were going to a cute cafe called Peggy Porschen, of course! To which the assistant replied: "If I go to Peggy Porschen shop and the cakes are not good...?"
Now, here's the point of the story. I bet everyone who's heard of this cafe thinks the exact same thing: "Is the shop worth visiting?"
Well, read on to see!

July with Halal Goodies

July is a special month for me. It is one of the sunny months of the year, which is always a plus!
But it's also my birth month, which I'm reluctant to call a plus as I've started to count the years that have passed.

As I've grown older my life has become busier, I have noticed that enjoying the simple pleasures in life is important. It's definitely given me a happier and more grateful outlook, allowing me to nurture my inner and outer self.

Halal Goodies sent me this extremely beautiful box at a perfect time! This month is my month. A month when I evaluate my life, straight after a very stressful time with work, it was a great way to pamper myself in a busy month.

Eid party

We Muslims are lucky. Why you ask?  We get to celebrate Eid twice a year!  YAY! Double the fun. Eid ul-Fitr marking the end of Ramadan and Eid ul Adha to remember Prophet Ibrahim & Hajj (and let's not forget the delicious lamb!) It is comforting to know that eating good food and enjoying your day with loved ones is the main itinerary of the day. However, growing older, I have become fond of celebrating Eid with style. This isn't to say that style was absent when I was a kid (Eid decorations were always present), but there are now various creative decorations that have seriously taken the whole Eid decorations to a new level.  

How to host a pamper party with Halal Goodies

Here is the situation, you and your girlfriends are stressed from work, kids, life. Too much to think about and too much to do. You want a day off for you and your girls to relax, no stress, kid free, work free zone, I can't add life free because there is no such thing hehe. Why not host a luxury pamper party with Halal Goodies, all in the comfort of your own home? Sounds Interesting right?

How to focus your duas with The Dua Journal

Ever since I saw The Dua Journal, I just had to get my hands on it! I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm completely and utterly fond of journals, notebooks and planning. Now, imagine my delight at finding a journal to note down all my duas! I mean, imagination isn't even necessary. Long story short - I obsessed over it for weeks until I finally got my hands on one. For free! That's right, I was lucky enough to win one of these life savers. 

Gele Galore, raising awareness about sisterhood through charity

I bet you are wondering; what is this exotic sounding event? Well, you're not the only one! That was my first question too.  So I'll give you a little hint before I get started, it's all in the name; Gele. Still, haven't guessed what it is?

love hijab girl

Who won? Yes, that's right:  me. 
Do you remember the love hijab competition that I entered? You can find the post all about it here. But here's a quick recap -  the competition centred around creating an outfit post with a hijab from Love Hijab. The winner of the competition wins £50 worth of free hijabs! 
And little old me won this competition. So here's the big question: what hijabs did I choose? Well wonder no more, I present to you my Love Hijab, well, hijabs!

Reading No.2

Sisters magazine - the name sums it up; a magazine for sisters run by sisters. It's a beautiful magazine for sisters to gain knowledge and inspiration, all while connecting with other sisters.  Sisters magazine, originally a print magazine, is now a digital magazine available online worldwide. 
Undoubtedly, it's an amazing magazine with author Na'ima B Robert as founder and editor-in-chief. 

Inside a seamstress's bag

The handbag; a female's best friend, companion in those dark [and fun] days, the carrier of all our needs and essentials. Not to mention dominator of our outfits, and the blessing of my life. It has come to my attention that I seem to buy a new handbag as a sort of reward for myself after I've accomplished something. I only realised this after I was explaining my reason for purchasing one bag in particular. And then it hit me; ' Ahh, so that's why these bags have sentimental values.' I suppose I think of it as a treat -  from me, for myself, as a well done, you deserve this! 

Would you like to know the reason why?

Five places I would rather be

I am sure everyone has a list of countries that they like to travel to. I am no different and have my own list that makes me feel a slight ping of wanderlust. Okay, so slight ping is an understatement, the feeling is more of a yearning to also be able to travel and experience especially when I come across beautiful pictures of these destinations.
So have comprised a small list of 5 places I would rather be at right now. Hopefully, I will travel to one if not all of these countries. But for now, it is safe to say that there is a no harm in daydreaming about where I would rather be, even if it is while I am working. Can you guess which countries/cities I have selected?

Love hijab

Love hijab is an online retailer specialising in modest fashion. They sell the coolest modest wear and hijabs that every sister needs to own. The basics are covered, and if you have just started wearing the hijab or are a long time wearer know that you can get the perfect hijabs here to suit any occasion and at great prices.

Tumblr Tuesday

It's that day of the week again, Tumblr Tuesday yay! Where I post my favourite images from my Tumblr account and inspire you guys. I treat my Tumblr as a mood board and post anything that inspires me from furniture to fashion to just a quote, these inspirations I would use or save them so that I can go back to them on in the future, especially for a new collection or for the home interior.

DIY bag strap

Who doesn't like an over-the-shoulder bag?  The new style where the bag is worn over one shoulder across to the opposite hip. Gone are the days when the only people you will see rocking this style are your mum or even your dad. The idea to be dressed like them is soo cringe! Even though you still love them. Not saying that there is anything wrong with your mum's style, but Alhamdulillah *Thank GOD that there is a modern version of the over-the-shoulder bag; chic, stylish and did I mention mini?

Cape love

Cape Love

Twelve اثنا عشر {Ithna Ashar}, loving this cape. At Barakah London we have become slightly obsessed with capes right now. We can proudly say that we have designed three cape abayas. Each one different, but all beautiful in their own way. This was our last cape abaya, different to the rest because it doesn't have a sleeve opening so you can wear it over the shoulders, where it has a snug fit. It flows down your back and encrusted with  22 hand sewn pearls and 88 crystal glass diamante rhinestones at the bottom of the cape to give that extra allure.We Love the attention to detail. It was must for us to design a glamorous cape, the one that you can wear to every event and you feel that much more stylish. The cape was designed to have a simple classic silhouette, just glides over the shoulders and rests gracefully on the body. As any cape, this one is also designed to accentuate the garment worn underneath. Whether worn with a classy evening dress or dress down with a pair of blue jeans, the fit and the pearls and crystals really bring the outfit out and draw attention both the cape the and outfit, making this cape the perfect accessory to any outfit, as it is so versatile. My sister and I would probably say that this is our favourite cape!

Let them eat cake

Getting girls together is a truly fun experience, but when the girls know how to bake, well then it is on another level it is officially a bake-off, {just kidding} well maybe not!
The girls and I all came together to my sister's apartment a few weeks ago. To catch up, chill and of course, eat. We love tea and sweet food, so any excuse for our tea time is a must. Especially since we don't get to see each other a lot, it is a great way to get sisters together to benefit one another and enjoy the beautiful company.

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