Cape love

Cape Love

Twelve اثنا عشر {Ithna Ashar}, loving this cape. At Barakah London we have become slightly obsessed with capes right now. We can proudly say that we have designed three cape abayas. Each one different, but all beautiful in their own way. This was our last cape abaya, different to the rest because it doesn't have a sleeve opening so you can wear it over the shoulders, where it has a snug fit. It flows down your back and encrusted with  22 hand sewn pearls and 88 crystal glass diamante rhinestones at the bottom of the cape to give that extra allure.We Love the attention to detail. It was must for us to design a glamorous cape, the one that you can wear to every event and you feel that much more stylish. The cape was designed to have a simple classic silhouette, just glides over the shoulders and rests gracefully on the body. As any cape, this one is also designed to accentuate the garment worn underneath. Whether worn with a classy evening dress or dress down with a pair of blue jeans, the fit and the pearls and crystals really bring the outfit out and draw attention both the cape the and outfit, making this cape the perfect accessory to any outfit, as it is so versatile. My sister and I would probably say that this is our favourite cape!

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