How to host a pamper party with Halal Goodies

Here is the situation, you and your girlfriends are stressed from work, kids, life. Too much to think about and too much to do. You want a day off for you and your girls to relax, no stress, kid free, work free zone, I can't add life free because there is no such thing hehe. Why not host a luxury pamper party with Halal Goodies, all in the comfort of your own home? Sounds Interesting right?

Yes, you have heard it right, Halal Goodies have expanded to hosting luxury pamper parties. Trust me when I tell you that it is as awesome as it sounds. Sit back and relax while they bring all of their special treatments delivered to your home. All you will need is your friends to enjoy a day of self-love to help you rejuvenate.

My sister and I and our close friends were lucky enough to experience the pamper party so I can tell you first hand how awesome it was. Plus my extra tips on how to host your own pamper party with Halal Goodies to make sure that it is perfect.

What Halal Goodies will do: 
  • The Halal Goodies team will come with all of their products and female beauty therapists that will aid you in making the perfect pamper party. 
  • Each therapist has a role, and you and your girls will each have a number of treatments on the day. The treatments consist of a skin consultation, find out what type of skin you have and how to improve your skin and what products work best for you. A facial,  a shoulder and neck massage as well a choice between a manicure or a pedicure. 
  • You will also be lucky enough to browse around and look and try out the Halal Goodies products, and buy them as well.
  •  Each attendant of the pamper party will be gifted with a goody bag.
  • The team will also clean up after themselves so you don't have to worry about cleaning up.

What you will need to do:
  • Get everyone out of the house. Remember ladies if you have kids this is kid free day. Take your kids to family/friends or nannies, to look after them while you have a few much needed hours without them.
  • Call your best friends/sisters or cousins to your pamper day. With the choice of selecting how many people you want in your pamper party be it a big or small group. Because the pamper party is in a halal home environment there is no excuse for your loved ones not to attend.
  • Buy lots of desserts and drinks. Make sure no one is hungry while you and your friends enjoy your day off. Whilst everyone is haveing treatment delight in sweet treats, it's your day off treat yourself. If you have friends that like baking ask them to bake you some of their of tasty desserts, nothing beats home made baking.
  • Fill your home with fresh flowers and candles to set the mood. Flowers are a mood booster, create good vibes and happy memories with wonderful scents surrounding you.
  • Finally, enjoy let your hair down, don't wear makeup and be spoilt all in the comfort of your home.

Read up on what happened on my Halal Goodies Pamper Day with my sister check out her blog post on what happened here

Book your very own Halal Goodies Pamper Day here

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