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We Muslims are lucky. Why you ask?  We get to celebrate Eid twice a year!  YAY! Double the fun. Eid ul-Fitr marking the end of Ramadan and Eid ul Adha to remember Prophet Ibrahim & Hajj (and let's not forget the delicious lamb!) It is comforting to know that eating good food and enjoying your day with loved ones is the main itinerary of the day. However, growing older, I have become fond of celebrating Eid with style. This isn't to say that style was absent when I was a kid (Eid decorations were always present), but there are now various creative decorations that have seriously taken the whole Eid decorations to a new level.  

I am sure by now that all of my lovely followers on Instagram have seen my posts and stories of the Eid party my sister and me prepared, even though [sadly] as all pictures were taken during Ramadan, we weren't able to actually, well, eat all the yummy food while taking pictures. Nevertheless, the aim of the post was to present to you guys how we would host our own Eid party, and to show you how you too can throw an awesome Eid party for your friends, family and loved ones!

So this year, I collaborated with my sister Step Inside My Handbag to present how we would host our own Eid party. I absolutely love tablescape, and so we decided that this year instead of having a dessert table, we should have decorative arrangements on our dining table with a tea party/ brunch theme.

Step Inside My Handbag wrote a post with details on where we bought our Eid party decorations, and how to decorate yours similar to ours. In my post, I've decided to tell you a bit about why exactly we've selected our decorations, designs and the ideas behind each piece. Think of it as a behind the scenes of the party.

I have to admit, planning an Eid party makes me soo excited; colour coordinating, picking the flowers and desserts. Just typing this is enough to give me a thrill! I would like to say that this is a passion of mine, but unfortunately, the best way to describe it is an obsession. Ask anybody I know, and they will absolutely vouch for this obsession.

Usually, Eid parties are a family affair. We have to admit though, the adult usually gets forgotten in the background planning the day for the family and kids. But what if I pointed you towards this lovely Eid party, primarily for the older bunch?(Psst, kids are invited too!)

I mean, we did fast the whole month.

So,  as it's a tea party theme, pink is the ideal colour to use. However, we got super lucky with our decorations designed by Good Morning Muslimah. The decorations were pink marble with gold flecks, beautiful and classy Eid designs, unlike anything I've ever seen before. The pink marble print was used for the cupcake toppers, name cards, straw toppers, and bunting/banners. I absolutely adore them so much! 

Another favourite of mine was the table print card which is usually framed on a dessert table. However, as we love to be unconventional, we used them as party favours, each one printed smaller than the usual size so that the guests will be treated as soon as they are seated. 

So, let me tell you why I love these table prints:

1: One design has a slice of cake. Err hello - have you ever seen a party without cake? No, neither have I. This design was a must on the table. 
2: It had a great reminder: say Bismillah before you eat.
3: The colours were beautiful & subtle, thematic - black and grey were a lovely complement to the pink. 
4: The second design also has a great reminder; goodies Masha'Allah.
5: The 'love the quirky but deen' element to the designs, reminds us that we may have left Ramadan but we should still instil the lessons that we learnt during Ramadan.
Flowers. Is it really a party without flowers? Flowers are important in table settings as they bring a fresh scent and joy to any room.
We opted for white roses and white Gypsophila to brighten the very pink table and to bring simplicity to the otherwise full table.

For me, the pink plates were the charming factor of the table. These are personal plates that I love dearly. I just had to have them as they are so different to what most people would own. It worked extremely well with the colour theme too! 

Desserts. Because it really isn't a party without sweet food, to satisfy the sweet tooth.We decided on a cake with pink rose icing because the white roses on the table and the pink rose cake provided a nice balance through the colour contrast. 

We had a two-tier cupcake stand full of macaroons. The pretty pastel shades took the attention away from the cake and spread the attention around the table. 

White meringue, which I love to eat.  

And by the way, have you ever tried gluten free angel slices, because if you haven't - I highly urge you to!The cupcake toppers thankfully came extremely handy on the angel slices.

We decided to offer a mix of glasses with gold prints, and floral mugs for drinks to really go for the theme of tea party meets brunch. 

The Eid Mubarak cards were black with pink marble print detail- also from Goodmorning Muslimah.
Gold foil Eid balloons. You know, these balloons are probably what inspired the whole Eid party theme. It would be a great addition to the party, by placing them on the table and/or sellotaping them to the walls. 

Two extra details we used for the party are both reusable. Being able to use these items again or even borrow them off to family members makes the whole idea of spending money on decorations worth it, knowing that you get well worth your buck.

The honeycomb hanging next to the chandeliers on the table. I bought these white balls of what I would call happiness last year, and they are so ideal for parties and easy to use, you just open them up when needed and pin the safety pins at the sides to hold them in a circle. 

And the floral photo frame; we bought these especially for the last Barakah London photoshoot but reused it here and we're definitely not ashamed to say we'll probably use this frame for every party we host until we get bored of flowers (which I don't think will be anytime soon). Conveniently, the soft blush shades and dark hues worked really well with our theme - but more than that, it's a great way for guests to have fun taking pictures!

But more on the subject of reusable decorations. All of the Good Morning Muslimah Eid decorations are downloadable designs, meaning that upon purchasing you'll be able to reuse them over and over again because of course, one print isn't enough to suffice the many Eid parties we plan on hosting. 

To read about where to buy all the decorations and how to design your own party, pop over to Step Inside My Handbag's blog post here

To purchase the exact same Good Morning Muslimah Eid decorations in this post  here

To see her other Eid designs here

Floral photo frame here


  1. Thanks looks very lovely liked all the photos of the food

    1. Alhamdullilah the photos came really good.

  2. oh my goodness...what an eye candy this post was!!!! I love everything you did and yes mashallah we are soo lucky to be Muslims!!! 2 eids in a year ! woohoo!

    1. I know! YESS to two eids, can't wait for the next one

  3. Masha'Allah! This is the most beautiful Eid Party I have ever seen! The colors and flowers are perfect and go together so beautifully <3 Eid Mubarak to you and your family. :)

  4. Love all the decor! thanks for sharing =)

  5. Yaaay! This looks like fun. I should start looking into 'partying' up for eid inshaAllah...it is a mercy from Allah.

    1. Yes it truly is, it is a a fun way to celebrate Eid with loved ones

  6. I so need you guys to come round to mine and organise a party for me! Gorgeous decor!

    1. In Sha Allah that sounds great, would love to do it

  7. Mashaallah. The Eid decor is amazingly beautiful. Soft color palette and delicious food - both soothing and quite inviting. Eid Mubarak in advance! :)

    1. Eid Mubarak my love. The colours are very important they bring the mood to the party.

  8. Loved all the ideas and so gorgeous mA! I have only ever hosted one huge Eid breakfast myself but I focused more on the home decor than the set up like you due to the people coming. It's so nice to be able to have people appreciate your hard work. P.s I love that you said sellotape it reminded me of my life before the US where they have different terms for everything smh lol!

    1. Thank you very much, lol what do they say in the US instead of sellotape.
      My usual Eid set up is also home decor but i love the idea of tablescape and that is what inspired me to try something different this time.

  9. Masha Allah. Thank you so much for featuring my decor, it was so lovely to see how you put everything together! It is really all in the details and I couldn't agree more that guests appreciate these types of things. It makes them feel welcome and wanted and sets a beautiful atmosphere, masha Allah. I hope your actual Eid party (on Eid) was just as magical!

    1. You are welcome Vanessa. Your decorations were a delight
      on my actual Eid party. They are so well thought of and designed. everyone loved them


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