ooh la la GiftYounique

For the first time ever, I was gifted with a gift box designed personally for me by two lovely ladies who I'd never met, let alone heard of before. And I have to say: the girls did good!

Now, let's start from the beginning to answer some questions that you [of course] want to know the answers to!

Why did I receive a GiftYounique gift box?
As a show of gratitude from FFIRevents (blog post on this later), the girls who organised Tea Party for Syria, My sister and I were gifted with a personalised hamper for our contribution to the event. We had worked behind the scenes ensuring all went according to plan on the day. Of course, I hadn't expected to receive a gift, but it was a wonderful surprise on the day of the event.

How did I receive my GiftYounique gift box?

Despite being a sponsor of the FFIR Tea Party for Syria, during the actual tea party I transformed into a scullery maid ensuring the kitchen was in order, all cutlery and China were washed, preparing cakestands along with the help of some amazing volunteers. 

At one point I heard mention of thanking sponsors from the stage, and so I quickly popped my head out of the kitchen to introduce Barakah London. To my shock, my sister and I (the Barakah London team) were called to the stage to receive these amazing GiftYounque hampers for our efforts. EEK! I was barely presentable from my work in the kitchen! I can't exactly say that I was thrilled by the prospect of coming on stage bare-faced at an event with women looking so stunning, but I was also grateful to receive a gift. Have to say, I had a lot of mixed emotions in those few minutes. 

The team thanked us greatly for helping out with their first event and helping to make the event what it was. The GiftYounique team personally handed us gift boxes and I stood next to some gorgeous ladies, may I add, without makeup to get our snaps taken. The horror! I kid, I kid. But I can't deny that I tiptoed just a tiny little to appear taller. It was great to meet the wonderful owners of GiftYounique.

What is GiftYounique? 

GiftYounique isn't the usual kind of gift hamper company. Their slogan sums them up perfectly: 

"We don't find customers for our gift boxes, we find gift boxes for our customers"

Instead of buying a ready-made gift box and worrying if they would like it, you let them know what your loved one is interested in and leave it to them. It is guaranteed that they will prepare a gift box to your liking - I for one can attest to that. 

My thoughts on GiftYounique

What was really interesting is that the GiftYounique team were only given my Instagram as inspiration for my gift box.
I found it interesting because I've selected and chosen what I post on Instagram, meaning only a part of my life is on display for my followers. What exactly could they find out about me? 

And I have to say: I was very impressed. 

Three things stood out for me.
  • My love for the colour pink, pink floral boxes and photo frames
  • My love of lemons, and also Lemon print.
  • And my love of travelling, as I felt that my box had a Sicilian theme to it.

What did I receive in my box?

Firstly, I have to admit that I actually received more in the gift box than the pictures below suggest. I just ended up using them before taking the pictures (I mean, who wouldn't) as they called out to me. But, my lucky Instagram followers would have seen these on my stories before. 

So without further ado, let's get started! 

I received: 

Casa Toscana Luxury Moisturizing Hand Wash Infused With Argan Oil & Shea Butter (perfect for a travel lover like me, as it has a Sicilian theme and scent to it). This not pictured as I have already used and finished the bottle.

Grace Cole Boutique Collection - Orchid, Amber & Incense Handwash. This is not pictured as I have already used and finished the bottle.

Limone Extra Fine Italian Soap (the packaging is absolutely adorable - I just love lemons!)

Doccia Scrub - Citrus Fruits (a body wash, continuing with the Sicilian theme)

And finally, a lovely photo frame with a verse from the Quran; A beautiful touch and lovely reminder. It's got to be my favourite in the whole gift box - simple but thoughtful. 

I must say, these girls absolutely got it down to the T with this gift box. I love to travel (hence the recurring Sicilian theme), I love my lemon scent (close friends and family will agree). I couldn't find fault with anything in this box. I felt like someone had looked into my mind and took it on a shopping spree. 

I absolutely recommend buying from GiftYounique if you're looking to surprise a loved one but aren't quite sure what to get them.

Do have a look at their Instagram page link here
My sister also received her box do check out her post on it here


  1. That is such a nice and thoughtful gift! I love unexpected gifts. May Allah accept your efforts and reward you for your work. Ameen! :)

  2. Really by the way you have narrated I'm excited in joy.im gonna check if this gift service is available in US or India

  3. I love these kind of box purchases. Wish it shipped to my country :) enjoy and thank you for sharing! (www.spicyfusionkitchen.com and www.beautywithzainy.com)

  4. Oh how lovely of them and those products sound and look amazing! Loving the sound of the handwash

  5. That's a beautiful and very thoughtful gift box....awesome contents....that citrus shower scrub is something I am in love right now...

  6. wow, that's lovely! Not too long ago, I had to buy a surprise gift for a friend, but I'm really bad at finding out the perfect gift, that's when I stumbled upon GiftYounique and approached them. Although I didn't end up buying anything, I must say they are very friendly. Ma shaa allah your gift box are, just as it says, unique!

  7. Their gift boxes are just so lovely! Loving the ones you got!

  8. What a pretty gift box.These products looks good.

  9. I am very glad to see your Gift Box.These products very beautiful and so nice.

  10. I love these kind of box purchases. Wish it shipped to my country

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