Tumblr tuesday shades of blue

Feeling the colour blue.

As my childhood favourite colour, I have to say this colour has proven to have some pretty classy shades that suit the home and decorations. Lately I have been thinking about this colour more than I usually do, and I couldn't quite pinpoint what exactly inspired me about it until I went to Home Sense. There I spotted a gorgeous blue and white china lamp.

For sure it's very different to my usual style, but it was enough to reignite my love of the colour blue all over again. And so I'm dedicating this post to shades of blue; from the exterior and interior of buildings to interior style and florals.

A bit about blue.

Blue is a calm colour that I often associated with confidence. Blue characteristically demands attention, refusing to remain in the backdrop like white or beige. For example, a white lamp in your living room space would, of course, blend into the rest of the room. A blue lamp, on the other hand, is attention-grabbing, drawing your eyes to what's on the table as soon as you enter.

It's also a great colour to wear as a statement piece, naturally. A blue bag is always a must in your wardrobe! And blue shoes too of course. A light, subtle colour to make your presence known.

Heck, might as well just have everything blue!

The sky certainly is.

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