Fight winter skin with Organic Argan infused beauty products

Arganic Beauty is a natural organic beauty company that sell beauty products infused with Argan oil.

Almost every beauty product sold by Arganic Beauty contains Argan oil (apart from two), nevertheless, all of the products are 100% Organic or natural. Argan oil has various benefits, but the actual plant from the argan tree is primarily only used in oil form or sometimes shampoo, which limits the ways you can use it. It is impressive that Arganic Beauty has taken the simple oil, and expanding it to being used as more than just an oil, but part of a beauty regime for the face, body & hair. As parts of scrubs and bath salts. Which lets you draw more from the nutrients of the oil and get that desired skin much faster. It's a complete skin care package!

I'm sure you might have already heard the benefits of Argan oil, a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree in Southern West Morrocco. I have seen first hand when I visited Marrakech the countless hours and efforts taken to extract this oil, especially the kind of beauty benefits.It's a delicate, time-consuming process (16 hours!) just to cold press the Argan kernel. As Argan oil is rich in antioxidants, contains Vitamin E and A, linoleic acids and omega 6 fatty acids, it truly is safe to say that the oil has tremendous healing properties! It's safe to use on almost all skin types, including every part of the body; hair, skin, hands (not just adults, but babies too!) To name a few, here are a few proven benefits: it's great for anti-ageing as it restores the skins hydro-lipid layer and improves its elasticity, it leaves you with supple, plump hydrated skin, and helps in the fight against eczema and acne. It even repairs damaged, dull and brittle hair, making it lush, soft and hydrated.

Arganic Beauty has sent me a few products for review purposes. Read on to hear my thoughts!

What did I receive?

I received:

  • A bottle of Argan oil
  • Rose and mint Argan bath salts
  • Ghosul clay
  • Vanilla and honey Argan face body scrub
  • Pink Himalayan salt Argan face body scrub
  • Hair free ant oil
  • Moroccan body exfoliator and Moroccan back exfoliator
  • And the cutest tagine shaped chocolates.

Argan Oil

In the past, I have tried 2 types of Argan oils so I knew what to expect. I'll admit that I didn't expect to like this product  more than the previous kind I have used, especially since this organic Argan oil costs much less than the other two (but more on that later) I mostly use natural or organic products on my skin, so it was, of course, a perfect addition to my skin-care routine.

Let's start with the previous Argan oil I mentioned. The first was the brand Moroccan Oil, which I used for my hair. I didn't buy it again. I think that summarises exactly what I thought of it. The other was a non-branded Argan oil, straight from Morocco in a plastic bottle container. It was multi-purpose, so used it for my hair and as a makeup remover.

Arganic Beauty Argan Oil is actually much cheaper than both of these oils, but don't let the cheerful price fool you because it actually works better than both of them!

It comes in a dark glass to keep the oil protected. The consistency of the oil is slightly thick but not too thick, allowing the oils to easily absorb into the skin. The great thing about it is you can pat it onto your skin, without worrying about having a greasy face. I like that hardly has a scent, but only slightly, so there are hints of a nutty oil scent but nothing too worry about. This is perfect for me as I am funny with scents especially concerning scented cosmetic products I will be putting on my face.

I used this oil on both my hair and skin. For hair, I applied it on the tips, which resulted in transforming my dry ends to luscious locks. I would also apply it to a hair mask once a week, drenching all my hair in Argan oil a day before/or a few hours before washing my hair. This would leave my hair smooth and silky after washing it. I loved that the oil didn't make my hair look or feel oily (it actually looked rather glossy!) The trick is to only use a small amount! One pump was enough for my tips. It also didn't weigh my hair down, which is what some oils do.

For my face, I used the Argan oil in two ways. If I wore makeup during the day, the Argan oil would become an oil cleanser to remove the makeup. I found this method worked well for my skin and it was a nice change from chemicals found in makeup wipes. I'd then wash my face and use my usual organic cleanser. Most days, I applied the oil to my face as a nighttime skincare routine, after my usual face serum. It truly does wonders. It's perfect because the Argan oil doesn't make your face oily at all. As I have combination skin (which is prone to appearing oily), I have to be extra careful with face oils. But the Argan oil perfectly complemented my skin, and I am happy to say I wake up to a soft skin in the morning.

Ghasoul Clay

I absolutely LOVE this clay. I'll provide you with some info before I get onto describing my routine.

Moroccan clay is found deep in the Atlas Mountains, often in large chunky pieces. But the Arganic Beauty kind is conveniently packed into powder form. Just scoop out the amount you'd like and add warm water for an instant face or hair mask.
Ghasoul clay is incredibly rich in minerals, containing high levels of Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Silica. What does this mean? Magnesium helps retain skin elasticity, so it forms a perfect anti-ageing remedy. Calcium helps fight against fragile thin skin and hair loss. Potassium restores dry skin, and finally, Silica is a vital component in maintaining healthy skin. Wow! All of those minerals cramped into Ghassoul clay? It's no wonder I loved the way it made my skin feel.

I only used the Ghassoul clay as a face mask (usually once a week) and it made my skin look and feel soft and glow. Straight after the mask, I would apply Argan Oil to moisturize my face - the perfect combination. I advise you to always use them both together, as the results are amazing! As I used this mask at night, I always woke up with refreshed skin. Top advice: apply this mask a night before an event. Straight after use, I would find red patches on my skin, perhaps because it was detoxing the skin of its impurities.But after applying Argan oil and a few hours later, my skin looked incredibly nourished.

The Ghasoul clay can also be used as a hair mask for bouncy locks. However, I haven't yet tried it on my hair. Knowing how it works on skin, I have no doubt it would work perfectly on hair.

Vanilla and honey Argan face body scrub

This is a sweet-scented face and body scrub infused with  Argan oil that smells delicious. This scrub contains 100% organic ingredients; from organic sugar cane, organic cinnamon, organic honey, organic lemon, to organic vanilla bean. I just knew I would love this scrub when I read the ingredients! I have in the past made DIY face scrubs myself, the ingredients I used were similar to this scrub with cinnamon and honey. But this scrub contains extra wonders I would consistently use it. Trust me, it works. The cinnamon, the honey, sugar, vanilla and the lemon (helping to lighten scars). Add Argan oil into that mixture, and you have one superpower face/body scrub, leaving your skin literally glowing and nourished, and eliminating dead skin.

 Pink Himalayan salt, argan face body scrub

Out all of the beauty products I received, I have to admit this smells and looks the best! I mean hey, it's pink! That's always a one plus for me. In particular, the orange blossom gave the scrub an exquisite scent, combined with Himalayan salt, black pepper and organic lemon (and of course the wonderful Argan oil) all give this scrub a beautiful aroma. However, I used this scrub less than the other one as I found it to be more abrasive than the honey vanilla scrub. 

It definitely gives the skin a nice polish!

Rose and mint Argan bath salts 

Argan infused rose mint bath salts is what the body needs after a long day to help relax and settle down. It contains Epsom salt, Rose geranium, mint and Argan oil (all organic ingredients) making it a perfect feel-good mood booster. Did I mention that the bath salt smells lush?

Hair free ant oil

I bet you are excited as I was when I heard of this product. It is a natural permanent hair remover. I was ecstatic to receive this as I always wanted to get laser hair removal but was held back with the price. But to get a natural permanent hair remover that you can easily do at home that is a much cheaper method, now that sounded excellent. Does it work? this took longest to review and see the results like any permanent hair remover it takes time, the actual laser hair removal takes up to 6 months to see 70-80% reduction, and maintenance treatment once every year.

Knowing this I didn't expect to see quick results. It has the name ant oil because the oil contains an exclusive protein extracted from ant eggs. The oil is applied to the skin after waxing threading or epilating as it pulls the hairs directly from the roots. The oil comes in a little glass container sometimes it needs to be heated a little bit for the oil to come out as the oil is slightly thick. but very watery when it touchs the skin.

I used the oil on 4 parts of my body, and the hairs on each part reacted differently. On one section I saw excellent results, the hair did not grow back quickly and I can see that it is less than before. Where else another section grew back as it usually would but I noticed that the skin was less itchy when it grew back.  Another section the hair was thin as it was growing back. And the last section grew back much slower than it usually grew with fewer hairs. I have used the oil 4 /5times. Most of the time I would use it as soon as the hairs start going back.
My thoughts, I think this oil works, from what I have seen there is a difference is the hairs on my skin and the rate it is growing back and thickness of the hair. It's obviously something that will take time, but it is looking positive.

Moroccan body exfoliator and Moroccan back exfoliator

Both these exfoliators are superb, Moroccan exfoliators are known for their deep cleansing and removing dead skin from the body. Use in a warm shower and gently exfoliate the skin in circular motions, to enable the skin to rejuvenate and feeling soft.

Finally, the cutest Moroccan tagine shaped chocolates were added to the package, these were a sweet treat.

My final thoughts are that the Arganic Beuty products are great quality and the value of the products are excellent. I have to say that every beauty product is something I used again and again and something that I would love to gift my close family and friends.

You can buy the Arganic products here
Psst, they also currently have a sale, as well as worldwide delivery


  1. Never heard of his company before now, but I like the natural route & that and oil looks like something I'd like to try out for myself!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome. The company is new, but all the products are of excellent quality and work very well on the skin.

  2. Such a vast range of Argan oil based products.. I mostly use Argan oil based Shampoo and hair oil and am so happy to see such nice and organic products with the goodness of Argan oil

    1. Me too, I was surprised with the vast range of Argan Oil infused products. I thought it was quite clever, and an excellent of added extra care in the usual skincare.

  3. Never knew of other argan oil based products. Ma shaa Allah amazing!

    1. Ma'Shaa Allah it is beautiful and great for the skin.

  4. We have been using Argan oil products for our family with great results. Thank you for the review.

    1. You are welcome. I am happy to hear you are using Argan Oil for your family. It is a great oil.

  5. These products sound really amazing, love that they are natural and organic- so important, as we are putting these products on our skin and scalp! Your images are beautiful by the way!

    1. Thank you my love.
      I know what you mean. I am rather picking with what I choose to put on my skin. These products are all natural and work wonderfully.

  6. Oh my word all these products look so amazing!!!! <3 Need them all lol Awesome review, thank you for sharing :)

    1. You are welcome, honestly you have to try these products. I don't know how I lived without them, I love them all.

  7. These products look amazing. Thank you for the review. I think i might treat myself! I make home skincare myself so know good stuff when i see it.

    1. WOW i would love to see what you make for home skincare. I have tried in the past, and still do every now and again, but mine is mostly scrubs or facemask.

  8. Wow...I am loving all the products in this post....especially that Himalayan salt scrub...which is my favorite...

    1. The Himalayan salt scrub is wonderful, and this one smells amazing.


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